what r some phases you went thru as you explored the internet

yourtubbo 4/19/2021 07:53 am 1290

no quirk//

i'm sure that quite a few of the ppl on here r like me and had access to the internet way too early , so what were some 'phases' (basically fandoms or interests in this context) you went thru because of it?

some of mine r:

  • lego. just lego. (there was 1 guy who made an entire zoo n it was amazing)
  • myfroggystuff (this included asking my dad "CAN YOU PRINT ME A FLOOR")
  • littlelestpetshop (anyone remember that emperor's new clothes video?)
  • my little pony but only a little bit (the only thing i remember from it is the brony notion. and discord(song), ofc)
  • undertale (i made an au w/ a no-longer-friend. it was not good. she made a mary sue with rainbow powers.)
  • subreddits. (I ONLY WATCHED THESE FOR LIKE 3 MONTHS- and i only watched the weird ones. i learned too much.)
  • dan and phil (i remember how excited i was when dan came out!!)
  • editing pics of myself on my kindle fire (i pretended i was posting them somewhere and edited one abt learning of 2 new undertale ships.)
  • (then i got my phone and-) gacha life. i made a channel. it was not good (but i tried so that's all that matters)

and thats all the stuff from like 2014-2019 (and early 2020)

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Apr 19, 2021 8:25 am

for context, i found the internet and was basically unsupervised in 1st grade but I had a period where I didnt use it for a year.

1st grade; sonic the hedgehog.

2nd grade; didn't use the internet/ don't remember.

3rd-5th; MLP and FNAF(4thgrade-6th grade)

6th-7thgrade: Undertale(-1/4 of 7th), furry(7th- now)

8th grade- MHA(lord save me)

9th- now: jojo and the furry fandom.

(fun fact it was mlp that got me to start drawing. and being that young, in the FNAF phase, AND unsupervised on the web those drawings are uh. Colorful, Not like suggestive but like baby tries to be scary type colorful)

Apr 19, 2021 9:02 am

Youtube gamers, Creepypasta, and emo 2000's music. In that order. And all in 5th grade. (also lots of fanfiction-)

Apr 19, 2021 9:10 am

furry, bnha, undertale, and emo... all at the same time... lmao

Apr 19, 2021 9:16 am

i don't remember what ages but random phases i've had

sonic but i never played sonic


weird looking catgirl drawings

deviant art

neopronouns bad!! (worst phase, i use neopronouns now)

haha vine vibeos


omg minecaft

Apr 19, 2021 10:06 am

hmmm ok let’s see i’ve had a lot bc ~~autism~~ so this is a shortened list lmao

one of my earliest memories was my lps phase!!!! i remember coming home from school and playing w/ them every day, i had names and backstories 4 all of them (just recently i found a bin full of them so i’ve been using them to make 3D cuffs!!!)

I had a furry/wolf phase in third grade (i was obsessed w/ the lion king and balto at the time, i had a fursona, etc etc etc)

sanrio was my special interest in fourth grade !!!!!! i was obsessed w/ the my melody anime and my room is still covered in sanrio posters and plushies and kuromi and my melody r still my faves <33

i had a pokémon phase in fifth grade!! i used to rent all the vhs tapes from the library and my fave pokémon was jigglypuff and misty was my fave character!!!! (i still love pokémon to bits btw)

around fifth grade i had a ddr phase as well??? i had all the songs on my iPod and my parents bless their hearts would drive me over an hr away sometimes to find ddr machines and i would play until i practically collapsed lmao

i had a warriors phase in middle school, i used to make little comics of them like all the time

i was obsessed w/ my little pony around this time too, i had a rainbow dash sweatshirt i wore everywhere

i had a deviantart phase around this time too??? i used to go on there constantly but i ended up getting harassed off the site by homophobes and transphobes :””)))

i had a clamp phase after watching/reading tsubasa reservoir chronicle and xxxholic (one of my first cosplays was princess sakura)

around middle school i remember having a black butler phase as well ?? (i cosplayed ciel around this time too)

i had a puella magi madoka magica phase in middle school too, i cosplayed homura and sayaka and sayaka was my first kin

i remember having a sonic phase at one point lmao

also had a creepypasta phase around that same time too i think???

theres like a ton more but i can’t remember lol

Apr 19, 2021 10:30 am

The oldest phases I can remember are my Pokémon and origami phase

Yes, origami

Then there was my minecraft phase [this was back in like 2013, waaaaay before minecraft became as popular as it is now] literally nobody apart from my friend knew what minecraft was :' )

Now in no particular order, I had a

- FNAF phase

- rainbow loom phase [specifically I made dragons, didn't care about the bracelets]

- Moshi monsters phase [rip]

- Club penguin phase [rip]

- Gravity falls phase

- geometry dash phase

- Steven Universe phase

- Ace Attorney phase

- u n d e r t a l e

Apr 19, 2021 10:33 am

fr0m l1k3 k1nd3r t0 2nd gr4d3 1 rlly l1k3d sh0pk1nz,mlp, m0nst3r h1gh 4nd fr0z3n!! 1 l0v3d w4tch1ng my fr0ggys stuff 4nd c00k13 sw1rl c (4ls0 4 T0N 0f 0g mcyt 4nd m4rk1lpl13r 4nd j4cks3pt1c3y3!!

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4nd 1n s1xth (wh3r3 1 4m n0w big grin) 1m rlly 1nt0 0g mcyts, n3w mcytz (dr34m smp my b3l0v3d,,) fnf, fn4f, und3rt4l3, j4ck m4rk 4nd 3th4n, s4nd3r s1d3z, 3n4, 4nd buzzf33d uns0lv3d big grin (th1z w4z rlly l0ng 1m s0rry TwT)

Apr 19, 2021 10:56 am

kalvin garah.......

Apr 19, 2021 11:03 am

You all make me feel really old laugh My first internet-related obsessions were the game Acrophobia and making Geocities sites. I also had a long phase of making various fan sites. My most popular one was for a Swedish girl group called Play.

Apr 19, 2021 11:26 am

gacha life. im disappointed