pronoun check!

Gay 4/12/2021 09:01 am 416

rate pronouns and how comfortable they make you feel!

ill go first :]

he/him/his/boy: 1000000000000/10!!!! I LUV THESE SM PLS USE THESE!!!!!

moon/moons/moonself: 9/10 not as good at he/him but still great and apart of my pronoun set

nor/nors/norself: 9/10 stole these from a transphobe and i luv them

she/her/hers/girl: 0/2000. NEVER use these for me. ever. under no circumstances.

they/them/themself: 1/10. i dont like. dont use but its fine if you slip up

do urs now!

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Apr 12, 2021 11:27 am

They/Them:11/10 very much preferred

He/him:6/10 acceptable but not preferred

Moth/Mothself:4/10 i usually dont like people using neopronouns for me, but these ones are alright

She/her:1/10 i hate when people use these for me, but since im AFAB and not out to most people, lots of people use them for me

It/its:0/10 it makes me feel like im not a perso

Apr 12, 2021 10:59 am

they/them - 9/10 they make me happie !!! my most used ones

he/him - 10/10 YES makes me feel so good i love these

she/her - 0/10 PLEASE do not call me these i will vomit

it/it’s - 10/10 i rly love these !!!!!

bun/buns -11/10 YESSSS makes me feel like a lil bunny guy..... i love it

vamp/vamps - 10/10 i love these SO much but no one uses em cries

star/stars - 11/10 IM IN LOVE W THESEEEE i hav such a connection to space and it makes me feel like i’m home :,,)

Apr 12, 2021 10:18 am


he/him - 10/10 preffered!! tranz guy c:

it/its - 0/10 nononononoo i hate these pronounz on myself!! they make me feel like i am an object :c (no offense to anyone who usez them! ur valid <3)

they/them - 1/10 only use them for me if you dont know my pronouns PLEASSEEE i hate it my parentzcall me that to avoid he/him

xe/xim/xis/ximself - 9/10 my first set of neopronounz ily

rawr/rawrs/rawrs/rawrself 9/10 nobody callz me these but i love them <3<3

worm/worms/worms/wormself - 10/10 i love worm being called by wormself pronouns makez me feel like a lil worm in the rain

glitch/glitches/glitches/glitchself - 10/10 nobody calls me these :c i love these pronounz so so much they make me so happy aaaa also itz the name of our system!

frog/frogs/frogs/frogself - 5/10 used to use these pronounz but i dont anymore! theyre ok to use on me though!! i dont mind

otherz - please ask! in fact if you have any suggestionz, let me know and ill rate them on myself!!

Apr 12, 2021 10:16 am

He/Him: 2/10 Only reason this has a 2 is because it’s something besides my AGAB at birth. Do Not call me this.
She/Her: 0/10 Gross. I get called these daily and it’s annoying asf.
They/Them: 10/10!!!! Makes me feel comfy uwu

Any neopronouns 1/10 I don’t really connect with anything, but they’re valid. Plus I don’t know too much about them besides zir/xem/xir (feel free to educate me)

Apr 12, 2021 9:41 am

he/him: 9/10!!! prefered, makes me comfy

they/them: 6/10, okay but would prefer something else

she/her: 2/10, ehhh,,, they're,, fine. least prefered tho

it/it's: 10000000/10. YES

nya/nya's: 10/10, i love them!!!

scene/scenecore's: 10/10, amazing! chef's kiss.

bug/bug's: 9/10, makes me feel smol.

meow/meow's: 10/10! makes me feel like a little smol kitty. i wub it.

any other neo: 10/10!! i love all neos!!

Apr 12, 2021 9:16 am

he/him: 11/10 AHHH I LOVE THESE

it/its: 9/10 they sound cool and i like confusing people


they/them: 5/10 eh i don't really care

(I'm a trans guy btw)

Apr 12, 2021 9:16 am

they/them/themself - 10/10 very used to them, most people im out to use them

he/him/himself - 9/10 pretty good, i like them but nobody really uses them with me

bug/bugs/bugself - 11/10 waA literally nobody uses them but i really like them, they make me feel like a little bug thing and i love it

it/its/itself- 8/10 not exactly used to them, but similar to bug/bugs they make me feel like im just a lil bug guy

she/her/herself- -200,004,893 i hate them, im used to them since im not publically out or anything, but they make me really uncomfy hh

also, props for using nor/nors out of pure spite, thats incredible-