pronoun check!

Gay 4/12/2021 09:01 am 434

rate pronouns and how comfortable they make you feel!

ill go first :]

he/him/his/boy: 1000000000000/10!!!! I LUV THESE SM PLS USE THESE!!!!!

moon/moons/moonself: 9/10 not as good at he/him but still great and apart of my pronoun set

nor/nors/norself: 9/10 stole these from a transphobe and i luv them

she/her/hers/girl: 0/2000. NEVER use these for me. ever. under no circumstances.

they/them/themself: 1/10. i dont like. dont use but its fine if you slip up

do urs now!

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Apr 13, 2021 4:52 am

heres mine!

she/her 9/10 i use these but they are kinda boring

they/them 6/10 i dont use these but i still support they/thems

he/him 3/10 i dont use these and all the he/hims i know in real life are annoying af (no offense to the he/hims that arent annoying)

thank you for your time

Apr 12, 2021 6:52 pm

she/her 0/10, no. just no luv

he/him 10/10, YASSSS

they/them 9/10, meh there aight

Apr 12, 2021 6:33 pm

She/her- -100/10 NO NU UH my family still uses this for me ugh

He/him- 5/10 I used those pronouns for a while they are fine

They/Them- 9/10 Yuhhhh shawty I love these pronouns


It/its 9/10 Yuhhhh shawty!

Apr 12, 2021 5:03 pm

ok33z here i go!!!

she/her- 7/10 pretty darn kewllll!!! but ppl use em alll the tiiiiime its so boring lol

they/them- 9/10 p good!!!! i like em very neat indeedo :3

he/him- 8/10 also pretty darn cool!!!!

it/its- 1/10 theyre pretty kewl but theyre not 4 me :3

xe/xem- 9/10 super awesome xD

bug/bugs- 10/10 THEYRE SO FUN

Apr 12, 2021 4:28 pm

here's mine uwu

he/him- 8.5/10; Idk they sorta fit depending on how I feel, but overall they're pretty alright

They/them- 10/10; yes very swag I like these alot

she/her- 1/10; eeuughh,,,, I only use these with my parents and in school since I'm not out and i'm AFAB and I don't resonate with them much don't call me these I will vomit lol

it/itself- 7/10; pretty pog they're alright

bun/buns- 9.5/10; the first neopronouns i'm experimenting with- they make me feel like a bunny and sound rlly cool ^^

Apr 12, 2021 1:31 pm

he/him: 8.5/10 sorta fit idk

they/them: 7/10 yes but also no but mostly yes

She/her: 2/10 used to them but pls dont use them often

it/itself: 9/10 makes me feel like im not human uwu

vamp/vampself: 9/10 pls lemme be a vampire

ghost/ghostself: 10/10 pls lemme be a ghost too-

Apr 12, 2021 1:28 pm

she/her: 10/10 please use these! these are good

he/him: 0/10 pleaseeeee dont use these for me. just no.

they/them: 8/10 i feel very comfortable with these!

it/itself: 2/10 okay, but sort of makes me feel like a thing instead of a human bean

(idk if im doing this right lol)

Apr 12, 2021 1:20 pm

he/him: 10/10 very poggers

they/them: 10/10 also very cool and epic

she/her: 0/10 nopenopenope anything but this


ghost/ghosts/ghostself: 8/10 very very very nice. i haven't had anyone really use these for me, but i really like them

rot/rots/rotself: 6.5/10 i like 'em

Apr 12, 2021 12:30 pm


Apr 12, 2021 11:56 am

They/Them: 8/10 i use these most of the time. Make me feel pretty swag

He/Him: 7/10 i don't hear these very often, but i love it when i do

She/Her: 4/10 really depends on my mood

Neopronouns: 5/10 i haven't found any i identify with yet but i really love them!