we need to have a talk about he/him lesbians, she/her gays and neoprns.

ghostburkinnie 4/9/2021 07:55 pm 1009

for starters, this will NOT be hating on he/him lesbians, she/her gays or neoprn users!!! i love everyone (both /r and /p)!! this is simply going to talk about the hate against them <3

2, if you're cis, YOU CAN'T SAY SHIT. if you are cis, you can NOT speak about he/him lesbians, or she/her gays. you can't speak about neoprns (in a hateful way). you are not trans. you can't speak for the trans community either!! or and trans community, you can't speak for the lesbians/gays unless you are one. that's FINAL. if it doesn't apply to you, you can't say shit.

3. he/him lesbians and she/her gays,, AREN'T TRANS! whoa, shocker i know/s, they are not trans. pronouns don't equal gender. how do you think neos work? just because someone uses cat prns doesn't mean their a fucking cat.

4. "hE/hIm LeSbIaNs, NeOpRn UsErS aNd ShE/hEr GaYs ArE jUsT sOmEtHiNg TiKtOk MaDe Up!!!!" omfg you couldn't be anymore WRONG. what does the white line in ALL VERSIONS OF THE LESBIAN/GAY FLAG STAND FOR??? UNIQUE. RELATIONSHIPS. TO. WOMEN/MANHOOD. he/him lesbians and she/her gays have existed before tiktok was thing, hell before musically was a thing, no even before fucking VINE was a thing. they have existed for decades.

5. people can identify and have whatever kinda sexuality they want. you're straight? cool!! you're a lesbian? pog!! you're pan? cool!! you use he/him? beautiful! you use it/it's? me too!! prns and sexualitys have NO limits!! go crazy!! have fun!! expreiment!

alright that's all. if you don't support neoprn users, he/him lesbians or she/her gays, get tf off my page, or francily, get off this website and all social media, and go touch some grass <3 thx!! (btw: to all my neoprn users, he/him lesbians and she/her gays,,, marry me?/p)

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  • righ
Apr 10, 2021 9:43 am

@nekohospital: it is ??lmao, but if someone associates it with a k/nk they have all the rights not to use it.

Apr 10, 2021 9:30 am

@_nykto_: a he/him lesbian is a non-binary masculine, feminine, or non-aligned person who identifies as a lesbian and chooses to go by he/him pronouns (or a woman that identifies as a lesbian and chooses to go by those pronouns).

they might use these pronouns to feel safer and more comfortable, as they feel disconnected from their womanhood! they might also use these pronouns because they're non-binary and feel more comfortable with them.

he/him pronouns aren't used only by butch lesbians.

he/him lesbians have existed for a long time. while some lesbians tried to pass as men to feel safer, many used he/him pronouns in lgbt spaces and with their partners. over time, this use of pronouns became a form of gender non-conformity and a big part of lesbian history.

Apr 10, 2021 8:47 am

yo im mad confused so if u use only he/him pronouns, and you’re afab, you aren’t trans ?? im not tryna contradict u im just confused lol

Apr 10, 2021 8:29 am

@nekohospital: All good.

Apr 10, 2021 7:01 am
@Keroppi: oh. didn't know that was transphobic. my bad lol.
Apr 10, 2021 6:59 am
@righ: yeah ik, but it's best to share important infomation everywhere. the more people know the better.
Apr 10, 2021 6:57 am

@righ: it's... a prn,,, kitten in literally the name of a animal. a petname. it's not something that's with kinks.. wtf.

Apr 10, 2021 5:41 am

also i appreciate this post sm

Apr 10, 2021 5:41 am

@righ: they might sound weird but they do make some ppl feel a lot more comfortable in their identity than other pronouns !! and just bc they are used in kinks doesn’t mean everyone uses them in a kinky way <3

  • righ
Apr 9, 2021 11:26 pm

also i dont think this is the right place to talk abt discourse and such?? like this is deadass a braclet pattern website lmao,,