age regressing/little stuff

dilf 3/28/2021 03:06 am 482

im not gonna lie seeing the age regressor/little stuff worries me a little bit (even if its sfw)

there's alot of YOUNG minors (ive seen like 12 yr olds on here) on here and it makes me worried that they'll try to get into it bc theres alot of nsfw in that kind of stuff. what do yall think (im a minor also so keep that in mind)

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Mar 28, 2021 4:25 am

ayo pretty sure ur mixing up age regression and a k1nk. cause like, age regression is always sfw. as a young minor who age regresses i have done so much research to make sure i'm not in any nsfw spaces, and agereg is most certainly safe for minors as it is a completely sfw coping mechanism. hope this cleared that up, if any other regressers/other people would like to correct me feel free to reply as am not a professional. ^^ (I know i repeated myself alot in that, sorry)

Mar 28, 2021 11:21 am

Age regression is 100% safe for work, NOTHING nsfw is involved. It is just a coping mechanism. Anyone of any age can do it because it is not inappropriate. As an age regressor myself, i hate when people(not necessarily you) say that DDLG(k1nk) and age regression are the same thing when they are not.

Mar 28, 2021 12:21 pm

its a coping mechnaissm. not a k1nk.

Mar 28, 2021 12:24 pm

ageplay, ddlg/ddlb, are kink. age regression is not. its a coping mechanism for trauma. i understand that you are malinformed but this is sad

Mar 28, 2021 1:23 pm

age-regression is a coping mechanism, it’s completely sfw. ddlg n age play are k1nks. they’re very different. <3

Mar 28, 2021 2:08 pm

I don't blame you I'm a bit worried about it as well because I accidentally found k 1nk first but as long as we spread the right info they'll be okay

Mar 28, 2021 3:04 pm

im 11 turning 12 in a week and i think that all the nsfw is yucky and pedophilic

Mar 28, 2021 3:33 pm

@trans_mondo_owada: yes but age regression is not nsfw

Mar 28, 2021 4:10 pm

@Auggiedoggiedrawie: @Chewerz: @nekohospital: @C0UNT_CH0CUL4: @sanrioclinic: hey yall thanks for telling me abt age regression

im personally just concerned bc ive seen MANY people get groomed in communities like that. i dont wanna see kids get hurt because kids can honestly be rascals and get into those communities anyways, id rather have ppl be safe and stay away than get groomed and hurt

Mar 28, 2021 4:10 pm

@minecraft: and i know they can be coping mechanisms, i just dont want ppl to get hurt