rant about your current hyperfixations if u wanna

C1TRU5_V3N0M 3/22/2021 07:25 pm 631

just a place for people to rant about thingz their brain currently really loves

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Mar 23, 2021 9:04 am

@rottyfrog: if u wanna message me i'll gladly listen to your hyperfixations

Mar 23, 2021 8:35 am

Oh thank god someone made a thread like this I have so many hyper fixations and no where to talk about them for the fear of being cringe. Ok so I've been so obsessed with NSR like for several months now, specially Sayu and 1010 because the are like characters to do with tech and cool sh*t like that which brings me to my next hyperfixation robots!!!!! F*cking love 'em great amazing outstanding, love almost every robot character in existence with my whole heart!!!!! I also am very fixated on monster high and dolls and stuff!!!!!!!! Also frogs and danganronpa are some of my hyperfixations!!!!!! that's it I'm done could go on all day but I want for everyone else's sanity lol!!!!

Mar 23, 2021 8:22 am

@turtlefloaties: yooo thats coooool. i liike the idea that sea slugs dont have many pretators my brain really low-key likes that

Mar 22, 2021 10:05 pm

Sea slugs. I'm here to tell everyone facts about sea slugs. Did you know that all slugs are hermaphrodites? Which means that they have both female and male reproductive organs. And the little horn/bunny ear things on most of their heads are actually antennas, which help them sense their surroundings since their eyes don't work very well due to being embedded in skin. Sea slugs can live in almost any ocean level, ranging from shallow to waaay down in the sea. Sea slugs diets can vary aswell, as some will be carnivores, some will be herbivores and some in-between. This is because different parts of the sea will have different abundances of food for them. They can be dangerous to touch if they decide eat poisonous plants. All sea slugs are very different! Typically the colorful ones are called will be sorted into the genus "nudibranch". The color on them is to warn predators that the animal may harm them if they eat it, or it will just taste very bad. Not every slug is colorful though! This applies to other animals in the wild too. There are many different species of sea slugs, with more being discovered often. They're all so unique and I just love them because they look like a little masterpiece in an animal that's usually as big as your finger. Some species of sea slug can swim but most will inch across the sea floor like a normal slug or snail. Sea slugs barely have any predators due to the colors most don, but there are a few creatures that do eat them, like crabs and some fish. People eat them sometimes, too. Sea slugs are pretty defenseless, with their beautiful colors making up for this. Some species have tentacles that they can wrap around the threat. All in all they're just awesome creatures. If you have time please search up pictures of sea slugs it's worth your time.

Mar 22, 2021 7:48 pm

(spoilers for Omori) ok so if you insist, personally I think the ending of Omori (the good one) just leaves so much to be desired because throughout the entire game you have two seperate storylines going on but in the end only one is resolved. And since more time is spent in the dream world overall you'd think that there would be some kind of conclusion to it or at least a big final boss. But the final fight in the dream world is against humphrey which makes literally no sense and is so random. And I know Omori himself is technically the final boss but you fight him alone as Sunny and it's a pretty easy and scripted fight so it's definitely not satisfactory enough to be the final boss. Your entire party you've grinded and built up is just randomly wiped out and taken from you out of practically no where, for such a long game the last 3 hours just feel so rushed and like there needed to be more. That being said though everything before humphrey is really really good but the second you leave the last resort the game just goes down in quality imo. I think the whole concept of Omori being Sunny's own mind trying to keep him from facing reality is really cool but the dream world just dissapearing with no reason or conclusion was really lame tbh. Every character you met and fell in love with is just gone out of nowhere not to mention randomly shoeing in a b plot with sweetheart in it after the entire castle arc is just so random and lazy. Her character story was completely done but then nope she's just back to her old ways out of nowhere. So I think overall the game is an 8/10, the first like 25 hours are super super good but the last 4 are kinda boring and odd.

Mar 22, 2021 7:32 pm

rn im really into danganronpa! specifically ibuki!! her character is so cool and i love the bi-romantic asexual rep we get with her character.

i dont want to go all "autism brainrot moment" on you but AHH i love her sm. shes just such a complex character and every part of her is just so much fun to talk about. from her ultimate, to her style choice, to her dialect! shes the best thing to ever happen to the world