rant about your current hyperfixations if u wanna

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just a place for people to rant about thingz their brain currently really loves

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Mar 24, 2021 7:56 am

edit: omg i just posted this and saw how long it is bye jdkdnjk

Ok ok i swear im not the toxic part of the mcyt community jdksnjkdfnj

also im so glad ppl are making large comments bc now i feel safe to make mine long :333

so i just got into the dream smp and i really only started because i loved mcyts as a little kid and it brings me comfort. My favs are quackity, ranboo, and badboyhalo because i think theyre rlly funni and i watched quackity way before the smp and he would always make me laugh when i watched the discord tallent shows lolz. I like ranboo and quackity because i relate to ranboo alot, i remember the moment when i really connected with ranboo, it was when i was watching one of his streams and he was talking abt how he wanted to make mc vids since he was a kid and i always wanted to but my parents shut it down but now i might be a streamer when i get older because all the streamers now are kinda encouraging me. Also i like badoyhalo because (i know i said this for the last 2 streamers but all of them are fun to watch) hes fun too and i can talk abt him to my parents bc he doesnt swear so thats nice of him I just got into the dream smp but i love the stories and plot and the tales of the smp, theyre so interesting!! Also i think that ppl who rlly like dream get too much hate like ppl dont get hate for liking a different streamer in the smp so they shouldn't for liking dream. Like i know some people only like him for the trend but any large trend will have people like that. He just happens to be the most popular one in the group and that means that he'll have a bigger fanbase, i just dont get why if someone just mentions that they like dream a lot of people will attack them saying dream is overrated.

Also theres this small streamer i like called vtuberbentuldnka !!!

Ok so like he does things like minecraft, vrchat/vr games, and play spooky games!! He also reads spooky stories sometimes!! He's soo nice and always says hi if you say something in chat. his channel is mainly focused on spooky things and he has a regular schedual on when he streams. On the rewards section where you earn poins with any streamer theres things like spooky stories so if you redeem it he'll read a spooky story! Like he will remember you if you come normally like its so fun when i have a bad day and he says hi to me because i join normally jdkkjxhgdjhs. Also his voive is nice if that doesnt sound weird??? I found him one day while scrolling the view low to high and i clicked on him and now im a regular viewer lolz. Also i remember yesterday at the end of the stream he said how he was happy because he had 5 viewers and he usually didnt have that many :333 So if any1 wants to check him out plz do hes so nice nad fun to watchh. He streams at 11am est and 8pm est.

ok thanks for letting me rant bye byezzz DD

Mar 24, 2021 5:43 am


Mar 24, 2021 5:04 am

@ZetsubouVirus: hey i read the manga ur pfp from :0

Mar 23, 2021 10:07 pm

@nekohospital: OKOKOK can i just add to your hiyoko rant because i love hiyoko too hnghngnhgn

(spoilers for sdr2 and dr3)

People always hate Hiyoko so much for how she treats Mikan and obviously yes it's bad and im not excusing it but Hiyoko only despises Mikan so much because she reminds her of everything she doesn't want to be. Both of the characters are meant to represent the drastic effect bullying can have on people and they're essentially parallels of each other. Due to their abuse one has infantilized herself and the other hyper s*xualizes herself for attention. the fact that Mikan does this makes Hiyoko sick and filled with hatred towards her, so despite it being unintentional, Mikan is also mentally tormenting Hiyoko back in a way. I also see people call Hiyoko irredeemable because she knowingly bullied a victim of abuse and assault, but the thing is, in game Hiyoko and Mikan were strangers and there was no way Hiyoko could've known her and Mikan come from similar pasts. If she had known, she would've probably been easier on her and maybe even friends (this is even shown in the dr3 anime and twilight syndrome murder case) Hiyoko is just completely normalized to brutal punishments and stern attitudes. In the ultimate talent development plan she even asks Monomi to put nails in Sayaka's shoes for being bad. Her entire personality is a defense mechanism and it's a shame that she never got the proper arc she deserved. (also i strongly think that sonia should've died instead of hiyoko for many many reasons but mainly because we would've gotten to see hiyoko reacting to mikan's breakdown and that would've been so cool hnhngnh)

Mar 23, 2021 9:17 pm

I wish the internet was the way it used to be. Everything made now a days in focused around algorithms and appealing to an ever hungry audience as quickly as possible. People no longer make things for their own enjoyment but more for the enjoyment of others. I miss specifically old rpgmaker stuff since people dont churn out those 1000+ hour made personal art projects like they used to. Things like space funeral or yumenikki simply wouldn't exist or stand out amongst the onslaught of mindless appeal content and would be left to rot as a file downloaded only by 10 odd people.

Mar 23, 2021 9:05 pm


Mar 23, 2021 10:22 am


Mar 23, 2021 10:10 am


hiyoko saionji:

people over look hiyoko's character a lot, she is sm more than just a bully. her backstory is also heartbreaking, jealous people put dead rats in her bed, poisoned her food, dropped stage lights on her head, put nails in her shoes and more. the only reason she's a bully is because she learned to be mean as a way to protect herself. she's very weak physically so she learned to be mean mentally. Her home world wasn't much better due to her grandmother, her grandmother kept her from doing anything for herself, explaining why she couldn't tie her kimono and shower by herself. Her grandmother also kept her from the only one who loved her, her father. Her father was the only one who supported her for being her. It's heavily implied she was s3xually a*used due to the way she explained how her the crowd who watched her was all grown men (besides her family). When she went to the island and met Mikan, she got reminded of her old weak self, that's why she targeted Mikan. At the island, nobody tried to understand Hiyoko's actions. They all gave up on her immediately, Up until the shower event where Mahiru decided to give Hiyoko a chance. Hiyoko learned to trust Mahiru, and may have even fallen in love with Mahiru. When Mahiru died, It was heartbreaking for Hiyoko. Nobody bothered to even try and help Hiyoko, they all went on to Fuyuhiko due to Peko. Nobody bothered to ask how Hiyoko was doing mentally after losing the only one on the island. When Hiyoko made the shrine for Mahiru, She was genuinely proud of her work. When everyone came in and said it should burn, and it was ugly, Hiyoko had to act like she hated her work until Chiaki outed her, then everyone started pitting her. Hiyoko wanted to change her ways after Mahiru's death, and she did. before Nekomaru's sacrifice, you can see Hiyoko's behavior change into a more positive one, then Nekomaru's sacrifice came and Hiyoko felt weak again. Her insecurities got to her again, and she gave up on being nice. Hiyoko's character is very deep and I wish we got to see more of it. She rly deserved more character to her.

Sayaka Maizono:

Sayaka is definitely one of the most misunderstood characters in the danganronpa fandom, she is not a snake nor selfish. Sayaka grew up taking care of herself due to the fact her mother was dead and her father was always at work to try and give Sayaka a decent life. Sayaka grew up watching this idol group on TV, they were one of her last reasons to keep going. At a young age, she decided she wanted to be a idol to give other that feeling of love she got when she watched the idols on TV. She worked hours and hours everyday training, and she finally got her dream. When the killing game started and she saw the motive, she had the most real reaction. She panicked. Sayaka thought everything she worked for was gone in one night, She wanted to save her lives work. Sayaka is very smart, if her plan went right then she 100% would have gotten away with it. The motive video showed her only friends and her only joy dead. The motive video forced her to kill someone. You may be asking ‘Then why did she kill Leon?? She knew he wanted to be a music artist!’ Sayaka killed Leon because he canonily did annoy her sometimes. She killed Leon because in the panic of the motive, She knew Leon would do anything for her as he had a canon crush on Sayaka. You might be saying ‘Sounds like a snake move to me’ but it's not. The motive video pretty much made Sayaka a whole new person. The motive video didn't make Sayaka go insane to say the least but it made her realize she needed to get out now. ‘Well why didn’t she know that if she killed Leon and got away with it everyone else would be punished? Monokuma said it at the beginning!’ Yes. He did, but he also said it was a killing game WAY before he explained the rules, Sayaka blocked out everything else Monokuma was saying in a panic about her and her classmates lives being at risk. She didn’t want to admit that they were in a killing game, and as you can see, Everyone was shocked and in a panic so you can’t blame her for blocking out everything. Leon had full capability to leave Sayaka in the bathroom and not kill her. Leon could have gotten Makoto or someone else Sayaka trusted to try and help him get Sayaka out of the bathroom. Leon had the full capability of trying to calm down Sayaka from outside or even inside. Before you say ‘Thats why he tried to do in the manga and Sayaka stabbed herself!’ Wrong. The manga isn’t canon. Sayaka didn’t stab herself in the Manga nor did Leon try to calm her down in the Manga. The Manga this information holds was made by a fan of the game., Making it not canon. Sayaka is not a snake, Leon isn’t a snake but he isn’t innocent, Like I said, He had full capability of leaving her be, calming her down or just letting her know he wasn’t going to harm her in any way. ‘If she isn’t a snake then why did she write Leon’s name? She wanted him to get punished!’ She wanted to say sorry to Leon. Its canon that Sayaka had a belief in heaven/hell so she thought if she had Leon come into heaven, she could say sorry. Sayaka’s plan was amazing; It was extremely thought out. If she killed Leon, Makoto for sure would have been voted as guilty. Sayaka is anything but a snake, She is an extremely smart girl who had an almost foul proof plan. Sayaka even acted scared to get into Makoto’s room, and got away with that.

Mar 23, 2021 10:00 am

@miku_kandi: yea of course!!


Mar 23, 2021 9:46 am

The legend of zelda!! i recently beat link's awakening for the nintendo switch and i loved it so much it's so well done and everything about it is so cute but at the same time it's kinda sad and beautifully tragic? i love the zelda series so much i've liked it since i was really young but recently i've been really into it... I even got an ocarina haha i'm learning how to play that. I think i resonate with the fantastical elements of it as well as the whole idea of having a destiny and the need to be courageous and true to one's self. i see the game as both an escape from reality and an important teacher in learning how to handle the real world. problem solving, strength, determination, all that jazz. ack i just love it so much and it's very meaningful to me. thank you for posting this thread