How do you finish and connect a multi stitch cuff?

thatone_unicorn 7/25/2012 08:34 pm 2225

I'm used to making peyote and am trying to learn how to finish a multi stitch cuff but like I can't figure out how to tie the ends together. .__. I've tried like three times. It's kinda frustrating. X(

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Jul 26, 2012 7:54 am
if u made it flat, then u weave the string in an out lacing it up to the top, then weave it back down and tie it off where the ends meet. if u made the multi tall like its suppose to be, then u take the end of the string tuck it under a piece of sting from a row below, make a loop, and pull the end of the string through. u repeat that several times. if u add a picture of what ur trying to do, ppl may be better to help u answer ur problem
Jul 26, 2012 12:23 am
Tie the ends together? Do you mean that you're making it flat? If so, that's not multi stitch. With multi stitch it starts out as a bracelet, not flat. If that's not what you mean by tie the ends together, please be more specific You can see pics of a multi stitch cuff in progress here: