can i wear anime shirts , kandi and cosplay to middle school

bvckybarnes 1/6/2021 09:28 am 1700

so im a mega weeb and also love makeing kandi when im bored and im going back to inperson on next thursday stuff like kandi and a big comfy mha shirt can be the only thing keeping me from a panic attack somedays but ive always been bulied and mis gendered at school and holy crap ive heard horrer storys about middle school normaly on zoom i can get a nice pswg or danganronpa pfp and hide behind a computer but now i have to go to to school and i know i want to go to school in a cosplay as its not in violation of the dress code from what ive read it said nothing on wigs or makeup but im afraid ill get bullied even more kids also seem to be terified of me if they dont know me at all cus of how quiet i always am and i dont think takeing myy adhd pills at the frirst of first period cus i frogot isnt the best thing for me to be doing i know anime is more populer and stuff now than it was 10 years ago but im also scared teachers will dress code me if they think the japaness on a shirt i may be wearsing could be gang sings as most of my teachers are boomers i pretty much just need some elp here edit: im haveing trouble respond to you comments im sorry

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Jan 6, 2021 10:01 am

you should be able to wear anime shirts and kandi! while i wouldnt recommend large pieces, i have a set of five or six singles i wear everyday and its never been a problem. as 4 cosplay, even if you cant wear the whole fit you can always reference the character in small ways, by wearing a certain color scheme or similar makeup. i hope it works out!! <3

Jan 6, 2021 10:01 am

im in middle school too, ive been doing online school so i havent worn kandi or any animes shirts, but before covid i did wear anime shirts and i wanna say i didnt get in comments.. but if ppl are chill at ur school, go for it! and if they arent, f them still where whatever u want, youre ur own boss

Jan 6, 2021 9:39 am

@f4t_r4t: he him im ftm

Jan 6, 2021 9:38 am

Ur tottaly can wear anime shirts and kandi! But I'm unsure about cosplay. And don't let bulies bring you down!heart bounce Btw what's your pronous? big grin