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Raves for Aspies?

kawaii_penguin 7/30/2019 11:42 pm 550

Hi! I just learned about kandi crafts and such and love them but I have a number of question one of which is Do you have to be into raves/the rave scene to enjoy this type of craft or enjoy/live by PLUR? I'm an Aspie and have sensory difficulties so a Rave was never my cup of tea, thing is I don't want to emprocoh on a coumminity's "thing" if this is the case.

Also how does one live thier life my PLUR?

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Jul 31, 2019 8:09 pm

Quick answer to this question,

No, you do not have to be into raves to enjoy this craft, this is an inclusive community. There are many members here whom have never attended a rave or been to a festival, and that's ok! Not everyone is into the same thing, it's pretty diverse, the beads/craft is the common thing that bridges all of us together. Music, beads and overall vibes. Living by the PLURR is basically just being Peaceful minded treating others with love and respect to unify as one.

Aug 11, 2019 5:48 am

Hi kawaii_penguin, I'm the creator of this site and I'm also diagnosed with Asperger's/ASD. Although I did used to attend raves (I found the lights to be stimmy), you absolutely do not need to attend raves to be into kandi or PLUR