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This Site is always growing larger everyday with new members to the Community,

Lets use this Thread as a way to connect with everyone here, New and Old members,

Introduce yourself, Feel Free to share, What brought you to this Site? What things you Like to Create (Bead/Kandi Related)

and other random things you may want to share. Lets Keep this community Unified and stay connected!

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Aug 21, 2022 8:59 pm

Hi I’m Rain and my pronouns are he/him. I started making kandi late last school year and have 76 singles, 11 cuffs, and 12 misc. kandi creations as of writing this. I’m currently working on my first bag, its going to be a belt pouch for my phone and I just finished the first panel. I plan for it too be a green pattern on the front and a blue pattern on the back, with purple sides and a yellow strap across the top, I’m super excited and this website has helped me so much with this project in particular! sry for this getting long, have a good day!rainbowsmile

Aug 19, 2022 9:13 pm

I dont remember if I have done this, so here it gos-

Hihi! Im Li! I am Pansexual, I use He/Him, They/Them, any Neos/xenos! I play volleyball! uh- blush Help Idk please use some tone tags but they arent necessary! :3

Aug 19, 2022 8:53 pm

i'm ro, my pronouns are he/they, and i'm really into classic books & music kao happy i play volleyball as well happy

Aug 19, 2022 5:39 pm

hei I'm Bro!!!

I'm a system and alternate between i and we prns, but we usually use "I" unless talking abt ourselves like I'm doing rn.

We love homestuck!!! it's our special interest and has been for abt 3 years.

Was on this sight a while ago but deleted our account and fell out of kandi making because of it. Got back on this sight because we really wanna make more kandi!!!! And friends. maybe. idk.

Aug 19, 2022 5:38 pm

Hi! I’m kai/Toby/ash/gremlin and my pronouns are he/it/(every and I mean every neo pronoun)! big grin

Aug 19, 2022 10:44 am

haii im jay or toby! i use they/them, and Lemon demon is my current fixation!!awesome1

Aug 19, 2022 7:37 am

im mars i like vocal synthsrainbowsmile

Aug 19, 2022 7:27 am

rainbowsmilerainbowsmilerainbowsmilerainbowsmilerainbowsmile name's Champ! he/it/they/honk pronouns. i've been making kandi since early 2021 and since then i have gotten to the point i have to choose which singles to wear every day. i like Awful Hospital, Sparklecare, Klonoa, The Legendary Starfy, Cirque du Freak, and other various niche interests. i'm 16 so don't be A Creep or i'll block you. scenemo clown boy. i also try my best to be funny. feel free to send me a friend request! rainbowsmilerainbowsmilerainbowsmilerainbowsmilerainbowsmile

Aug 12, 2022 10:51 pm

(sorry for it being long) Hello I'm twyla happy I go by all pronouns and I'm gender fluid.I have terrible anxiety and I just got surgery done happy i like Castle swimmer, sally face,drawing,writing,fnaf,kandi, eddsworld and more big grin I feel like I can't talk out loud cuz people might get angry at me :/ I start school next month on the sixth. I am a minor and I'm still questioning my sexuality big grini really dislike grape flavored medicine and I have scoliosis(instead of my spine being straight it curves)And I'm learning how to speak norwegian. but that's all I really have to say about myself thanks to those who actually read this even though its reallllly long . sorry if I wasted your time (lets hope people don't get angry at me happy im really just in the mood to talk to people about myself)(might add more later)

Aug 12, 2022 9:08 pm

twirlinghearthiya my name is kitty! my pronouns are she/her, they/them, mew/mewr. Some of my interests are kandi, monster high, sanrio, anime, splatoon, animal crossing, love live, hololive, nijisanji , misc vtubers, live2d, art, ranboo, pj sekai , vocaloid , genshin, honkai, danganronpa, anime figures. Im just now starting trying to make kandi cuffs so i may ask for help time to time!twirlingheart