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This Site is always growing larger everyday with new members to the Community,

Lets use this Thread as a way to connect with everyone here, New and Old members,

Introduce yourself, Feel Free to share, What brought you to this Site? What things you Like to Create (Bead/Kandi Related)

and other random things you may want to share. Lets Keep this community Unified and stay connected!

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May 2, 2021 3:36 pm

hi im lyla :^) ive been making kandi since around early 2019, and i love it sm

my pronouns are she/her, and im bi <3

i have a full shoe box of kandi and im always adding more to it :^D

i'm super social so send me a msg if you ever wanna talk!!

May 2, 2021 12:08 pm

helloo my name is Crimson,I use he/they/it pronouns and ive been making kandi for about 4 months how and im into anime,the dream smp,vocaloid,undertale and more so dm me if you wanna talk ^^

May 2, 2021 12:00 pm

hello im moth and im 16

i dont have a gender but i go by they/them and he/him pronouns also, im demisexual and omnisexual and proud

kandi is so fun, i want to get into perel beads but like idk if i will be able to do it lmao ive been making kandi for like 1 year now and just now found out about this website-

kandi is one of the only things i focus it helps me feel better ( basically a coping mechanism )

i am into a lot of bands (punk, punkrock, emo, grunge, metal, and screamo) some of my favorites rn are pierce the veil, destruco disk, and destory boys

i wouldnt mind making friends on here but like im really boring

thank you for reading this. ily<3

May 2, 2021 11:50 am

Hello! You can call me Pru! I go by They/Them pronouns and I’ve been into making Kandi and perlers for awhile now, but only decided to make an account recently so I can make some patterns! My other hobbies include playing Video games and drawing

May 2, 2021 11:28 am

Hi!! I'm Goose/Miles. I use he/it. I'm ftm. Dm me if you wanna talk!

May 2, 2021 11:27 am

rainbowsmile Yo! My name is Jax and I use He/She (experimenting with neo) pronouns! I have been making kandi for a few months, and I would say I’m an intermediate level maker. I have been wanting to make more patterns on here and stuff so I will try to this summer. I get bored easily so if you see me popping up in threads every now and then, feel free to say hi! Also once I get a phone or a better way of taking photos I will start posting some of my creations. Hope to see y’all around, have a pog day rainbowsmile

Apr 22, 2021 7:02 am

Hello! ^^ My name's Axel, I go by a bunch of pronouns but my mains are they/them and bun/buns! I got into making kandi around last year--You can check my profile for more info if you'd like ^^

Apr 21, 2021 7:49 pm

HELLO HUMAN BEANS!!! I am very new here- My name is Mace! (I use She/her/vixen pronouns) And I came from a friendship bracelet making websitse that for some reason does Not make kandi patterns.... So I came here to add to the Kandi community. I already have 31 patterns up and I intend to make a bunch more (I do take requests) but I actually dont know how to make kandi myself.... Plan to learn this summer though

Apr 21, 2021 6:22 pm

Hai! I'm Goose! I'm ftm and mlm. I'm 13. My pronouns are he/it. You can look at my profile for more!

Apr 21, 2021 6:00 pm

hihi !! i'm emry, i use any pronouns except she/it but my favorite ones are they/ey/bun ^^ i just got into making kandi around december of last year so i'm relatively new to it but i wanna try making perlers soon, rn my main hyperfixations are bandori n omori but i also really like digital art, if ur reading this ur prolly cool <3