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I'm new here!

Dead_Rose25 6/22/2015 04:21 pm 1244

Hi I'm new to this and I just wanted to say that I make all of the Kandi patterns in minecraft, but I want to make Kandi beads. So I was wondering what is the best place to get the beads, and the mat to put your beads on in Australia? It would mean alot! Thanks for reading this~ pichuwatermelon

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Jul 11, 2015 4:13 pm

same my freind got some at spot light and a craft i cant remember wat its calledrainbowsmilepinkyraining cloudkao lol

Jul 13, 2015 6:25 pm

@bacon_axolotl: Thanks pichuwatermelon

Aug 14, 2015 4:50 am

First thing, hi, i know youre new so i should tell you that the beads you seem to be talking about are perler beads, the ones you iron together.

Im from australia too and i would say that Ikea has some great perler beads and mat sets, Lincraft too (they have hama beads) but i dont know where to get connecting perler mats. For pony beads (the ones made for bracelets, necklaces ad cuffs etc.) you can buy almost anywhere. even $2 stores. But for really good ones., lincraft. you can buy a box of 18 colours (already separated and in a nice box) for $30 (i think). soot sprite