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Crumpet 5/31/2015 02:30 pm 30227

Hi everyone,

I am in the process of switching the site over to a new theme which is designed to be easier to use and mobile-friendly. I also made some improvements to the site features.

At the time I am posting this I have not yet made the theme live, but I will be making it live within an hour or two (the time now is May 31st, 2:30pm PST).

Major Site Changes:

  • Search: You can now use checkboxes to filter by multiple pattern types, meaning you can choose to see both perler and mask patterns
  • Pattern categories: Although I don't yet have the same filtering set up for categories, the pattern types you can choose are more specific. You can choose to see things like masks and bikinis instead of just "multi" and "peyote."
  • Many of the text fields around the site have a new text editor, and in some areas the text editor has an image icon which lets you insert an image directly into the body of your text.
  • There are lots of new emoticons! dance

Pattern Maker:

The pattern maker is still not mobile-friendly but I am working on that and that will be coming next!

Attention mobile users:

If you would prefer to see a desktop-style version of the site, scroll to the bottom of the site and there is a link in the footer which lets you switch to desktop mode.

Have you found a problem or bug?

Look in the site footer. There is a link for Report a bug / problem with the site where you can report it to me.

Is there something from the old theme that you really miss?

I will miss certain things about it too, but unfortunately the design did not lend itself to a mobile friendly design so I had to redesign everything. But if it's a feature or simple style change that I could possibly add into the new theme, I might be able to do it for you! Just comment on this thread.

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Jun 1, 2015 4:46 am

@krisface21: is your desktop a touch screen one? (odd question but that's the criteria I was using to hide the pattern maker link). I will remove the warning and add a notice to the patten maker page itself. I just need a way so that people understand it's not for mobile devices yet. You can always access it via its URL though

May 31, 2015 11:47 pm

Even though I am on my desktop, the pattern maker has the "can only work on desktop right now" : /

May 31, 2015 7:17 pm

I love this update. I looks less childish and i love how things are set up! thanks and i am sorry you had to rush it

May 31, 2015 3:57 pm

@deadmau5everything haha your comment just helped me find a bug! Your comment to me isn't being marked as read. Oops! Thanks for commenting

I have to admit I had to really rush this theme more than I wanted to, I was under pressure from work and have a lot of other work too, so I'm expecting to find many more bugs.

May 31, 2015 3:56 pm

I absolutely love this update and i feel like now it looks so much more professional and maybe people will start seeing what we make as no longer "just a kids craft thing".