Unable to Upload Photos to Pattern Maker

P1nk_Mal1bu_Barb13 5/14/2024 04:52 pm 379

I’ve been trying to upload a photo into the pattern maker but it isn’t showing up. It gives me the option to “remove selected photo” so it seems like it knows a photo is there?
I put the photo in as a jpg and a png to see if that would help but neither worked.

am I doing something wrong here?

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May 15, 2024 8:15 pm

Bringing this up again bc I am also unable to report bugs on the pattern maker lol

May 16, 2024 12:13 am

There aren't any global issues with the photo uploader as far as I'm aware, but it could be some type of new browser update causing issues, or sometimes certain images can be considered invalid for one reason or another. Please message me with information on the image you were trying to use and how you were trying to upload it - either via file upload or URL. Also tell me which browser and operating system you are using.

I am probably swapping to a different image uploader on both the site and pattern maker soon anyway. The one we use on the website is increasing its price to an amount that I won't be able to afford for very long, so I am swapping it to a different one but I want to see what new free ones are out there rather than automatically using the pattern maker one.