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Cheapest place to buy perler beads and pegboards?

rageaholic 2/4/2014 05:49 pm 25793

I've never done any perler things before so I'm not sure where to look. I've googled it and all that pops up is Walmart, JoAnn's and Michael's. I'd rather not have to pay as much as they're asking so if anyone could help, I'd appreciate it!!

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Feb 5, 2014 12:20 pm
I'd say NEVER use Walmart brand iron beads, they are very awful and hard to melt, although they are much cheaper, the name brand Perler Beads are by far worth the money. The best place to get them for me is usually online because I buy in bulk I get discounts. You can also try Michaels and Joanns when they are having a sale, I've gotten great deals on them as well.
Feb 6, 2014 9:27 am
Thank you both so much! I'll look into buying them online and in name brand happy
Feb 6, 2014 11:45 am
Don't forget that you can buy direct from Perler too
Feb 6, 2014 6:23 pm
awesome! thank you!!
Feb 5, 2016 7:40 am

Have a look on AliExpress as well if you're thinking about buying bulk. Make sure to do a good research not to get shit beads though! happy

Mar 4, 2016 4:20 pm

Michael's, Jo-Ann's, and Hobby Lobby (yuck) always have a 40% coupon going on on their phone apps. I just got some from Jo-Ann's today for 30% because they are having a sale on Perlers. They don't do coupons on sales.

Mar 17, 2016 9:42 pm

Don't forget thoes coupons, they will save your life and money! rainbowsmile

  • JoJo
Jun 10, 2016 7:25 pm

Try the bearded bearded beader cheapest and 2 day shipping

Jun 27, 2016 8:13 pm

i go to jo anne's a lot for that stuff. my mom gets coupons in the mail and we go when stuff is on sale so a lot of the stuff is cheep for me

  • Ray Chapa
Nov 1, 2016 4:09 pm

looking for a sword fuse bead pegboard of approx. 18" in length.