tell me your fave character in whatever fandom you’re in!!!!

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May 12, 2023 6:34 pm

Raine Whispers in the TOH fandom :3

May 12, 2023 7:09 pm

uhhhhhhhhhh im indecisive so heres a list lolz-

nightmare sans - undertale/sans aus

i cant decide between my fav vocaloids but i rlly like miku, len, and flower

hunter and raine - TOH

cassandra and eugene and lance from tangled the series

May 12, 2023 8:06 pm

sans. idc what type. sans, especially horror and fresh.

May 12, 2023 8:11 pm

Omh I love either march 7th, seele, Dan heng, himiko, bronya and Pom-Pom from the new hoyoverse game Honkai: Star Railkao love

May 12, 2023 8:32 pm

Jeff the killer-Creepypasta fandom
Eyeless jack-Creepypasta fandom

May 12, 2023 8:46 pm

Undertale - Temmie, cuz obvs

COD - Phillip Graves (I aint takin any other word im a shadow company truther)

Papa Louie Gamerias - Whippa (cmon, she's got a past of crimes, thats like,,,, mmmmm [idk])

MLP g5- Izzy. (That one scene where she told hitch his badge was making an unhealthy power dynamic???? Epic.)

MLP g4 - dj pon3 or Derpy

May 12, 2023 8:55 pm

South Park - Mike Makowski or Craig Tucker

Homestuck- Sollux Captor or Nepeta Leijon

TMNT 2012- Mikey

Fnaf- Funtime Freddy or Mangle

Sonic- Tails or Shadow

MLP- DJ Pon 3, derpy, or rainbowdash

Creepypasta- jeff the killer or ticc toby

May 12, 2023 9:35 pm

@S0N1C: I can proudly say I was one of the first ever players

I got it when it came out

May 12, 2023 10:19 pm

Gamzee Makara from Homestuck even though I'm a Mituna Captor kinnie O.o (I also really really really love Dave, Karkat, Kurloz, and Sollux)

I can't choose between Sun or Funtime Freddy from FNAF

Sans from Undertale

Wilford Warfstache from Markiplier Egos

Antisepticeye from Jacksepticeye Egos

Dipper from Gravity Falls

May 13, 2023 1:24 am

third homestuck enjoyer to comment on this, but eridan ampora has become my special interest. just him. nepeta leijon is definitely a close second though, i'm a huge nep kinnie :3