Where do you all get for beads in bulk?

8_iit 3/14/2023 05:56 pm 471

Looking for a new place to buy beads from. Bulk, wide variety of colors, low price, and decent quality. I'm fine with having to sort myself. I buy from Michaels or (regrettably) hobby lobby and their selection isn't the greatest where I'm at, so just wondering if there is a better alternative. TIA kao happy

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Mar 15, 2023 5:19 am

Honestly, I buy most of my beads off of Amazon, or you could look online at walmart.

  • miya_
Mar 15, 2023 5:23 am

i buy tubs of beads from walmert for like 6 bucks. Theres not too many colors but its good for basic ones and pastels

Mar 15, 2023 9:08 am

If you have Prime, you can get big packages of single or mixed colors for $5-$12 with free shipping. Watch the listings carefully because the same bag will be half price one day and back up again a couple days later depending on overstock, especially unusual colors. I got a bag of 1000 cream for five bucks on Monday. They also have tons of letter styles and some have backup packs of all vowels. OTOH things like charms can be really high, and sometimes promised delivery dates get pushed back.

Mar 15, 2023 9:09 am

Amazon is the way to go kao yes

Mar 15, 2023 10:03 am


Mar 15, 2023 10:59 am

I usually look on amazon, there's some mixed bags of beads that I can sit and sort that have a lot of beads, or there's a brand called The Beadery, they have bags of 900 beads that range from 6-10 dollars on average depending on colour kao big grin

Mar 15, 2023 1:57 pm

@Phosfate: I got a bag of a gazillion yellows today, except it wasn't technically a bag, but a clear vacuum-sealed...plastic thing with a shipping label stuck on it. I'm not quite sure how to open it, but tonight should be amusing. blush

Mar 16, 2023 4:49 am

i buy my beads from beadtin they are US based as a warning so if youre not in the states you might have issues with ordering from them

Mar 16, 2023 5:08 am

I get mine from ponybeadstore.com they have a HUGE collection of colors tbh jump

Mar 16, 2023 7:22 pm

I get most of mine at walmart! :]