Why/How did you start making kandi?

Bliss 4/10/2012 08:03 am 7046

Why did you start making kandi? :)

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Jul 14, 2014 1:12 pm
I started in the 5th grade because one of my friends had a beaded baby lizard so I found how to make it online then I began making cuffs and peyote stitch things lol and now I make kandi
Sep 16, 2012 4:21 pm
xD I started making kandi after I saw a crap ton of scene kids wearing them(like Ambrehh and LedaMonsterBunnie) I liked the ook of them, and i did the reseach and found out about the culture, and the people. I disregarded the "scene" idea of Kandi and replaced it with PLURR and such.
Sep 10, 2012 11:32 am
I was at a BOTDF concert with three of my friends and one of them was wearing a hello kitty cuff and I was like WHAT IS THAT?! She told me it was a Kandi cuff and told me to look on YouTube and/or Kandi patterns to learn how. I started making cuffs, singles, and everything else you could think of. I met other Kandi kids through her and went to my first rave a few months back. I have been to two others since and can't wait to go to more!!!!
Sep 10, 2012 4:17 am
My friend made Kandi one day and I liked the idea so I bought some pony beads and made my own cuffs. After the first cuff made I kinda got addicted . Now I have so many coloured beads aha I run outta string to often. I also make Tutu's now
Sep 3, 2012 9:09 am
Gosh ._. I don't know. At school, last year for a pep assembly, our theme was "rave". And I had acknowledged the scene before(I had previously gone to two raves), but didn't know much about it. But my best friend and I made a few singles for that day. I enjoyed it; and a month later or so, she said she saw a kandi cuff. And then I was like.. no way. So I googled it, found this site, and became obsessed. I have a pretty decent ammount of kandi, but I give so much away at raves now xD It's starting to deplete. <3
Sep 3, 2012 8:56 am
I started getting more and more into the rave culture. I spent the night at my friend Emjayy's house and she is a kandi kid so she started making a couple singles while we were watching a movie. I picked up some string and started doing it with her. The next day I went out and ordered two pouds of beads and string and a week later I was making cuffs and just building my collection. It is around 4 months later and I feel I have a pretty good collection <3 I am completely Kandi Krazi XD
Sep 1, 2012 6:55 am
I knew about it for a while, I had been to several raves, and I have tons of raver friends, and I had seen many of them wearing it. I thought it looked pretty cool, though was never interested in making it. Then I got into a kandi-related conversation with a couple of my friends, and we got to talking about what it stands for and means, and I kept looking at more and more pictures, eventually came across this site and saw some anime-themed patterns and decided to make some. I went out and spent about $4 on beads, so that if I didn't like it I wouldn't be out much, but once I started I couldn't stop XD
Aug 23, 2012 8:32 pm
I started making kandi because it looked like a lot of fun and complicated/a challenge! :3 I started making kandi by looking up tutorials and then I found cellularmango's tutorials on YouTube and eventually I just staid with her tutorials. :3
Aug 23, 2012 5:36 pm
I started making kandi a while ago. I used to make bracelets out of these plastic hollow strings, and I ran out and couldn't find the material. I looked online, and then I stumbled upon kandi bracelets. I looked more into the subject and I started to become obsessed with rave culture, and especially kandi (after I made my first mini kandi bow). And so yeah.
Aug 23, 2012 1:52 pm
Crumpet: Yeah, you got a good point, and I'm not so suprised either, especially with facebook and stuff nothing is unpopular. The drug scene is strongly involved with raving and I hate drugs but it is a very remarkable experience for some people, with or without drugs. And everyone loves kandi xD