FYI: Raid on the site

Crumpet 5/24/2022 05:21 pm 6295

Hi everyone,

There was what I will call a small raid on the site this afternoon. It was multiple people in different countries and states spamming the threads with hateful content. They also tried to post a lot of comments, but luckily auto comment approval is off for most users, so their comments didn't get through. However, their dozens of threads did. They also sent messages to a few users.

I'm in England and have work in the morning so I was in bed, but strangely I couldn't sleep (I've been sleeping well lately so it's unusual for me). I checked my phone and had an email from someone alerting me to the raid (thank you), so I dived out of bed and came to start blocking. deleting, saving details etc. I've been doing that for the past 1.5 hours or so. I wish I could have seen it sooner but I'm very glad that I was able to hop on.

In retrospect, it was very risky to have thread auto approval on for all users. I shouldn't have had it set up that way and will not be having it that way in the future. For now, all comments and threads have to be approved by me. I am also being careful about what I let through, so some legitimate threads might not be approved. I will also need some other kind of anti-raid measures in place, but I'm not sure what yet. Possibly a better emergency alert system, approvals for messages, and more moderators.

You all handled it very well and did exactly what you were supposed to do: report it. I hope that nobody was affected by the content you saw. These people are pathetic trolls trying to get a reaction and trying to make themselves feel superior. But they're not. I have previously been a troll myself, and I even trolled people who I thought were faking conditions like they did. I know exactly the type of person that does this and what kind of mindset they have (since I used to be one), and they're complete losers. Don't let losers like these determine how you feel about yourself. You're awesome and nobody can take that away from you.

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May 24, 2022 10:43 pm

Out of genuine boredom i did some digging. The site was posted on r/systemscringe awhile back, I think someone must've stubbled apon it and decided to be an ass. otherwise, you can find a bugcel on reddit, but it's a dead gaming account. I'm not really looking for anything, just curious.

May 24, 2022 10:50 pm

@Crumpet: you'll see my account was the same username as this one, without the 2. i would be happy to dm you with the details if this is an issue of verification.

May 24, 2022 11:12 pm

thank u crumpet we luv u lovetwirlingheart

May 25, 2022 3:55 am
@Alexander_The_3th: thank you for your help. I think I know how this started and right now Reddit doesn’t seem to be involved.
May 25, 2022 3:56 am

@Alexander_The_3th: thats actually pretty interesting. idk why but i had a hunch it was redditors shrug they just seem like the type of people to do that, tbh, cos i had a reddit phase and i would've definitely done crap like that if i had more access to the internet.

[obviously not all redditors are like that, but yk some are]

May 25, 2022 4:13 am

how disappointing :[ seriously thank you for taking care of it all

May 25, 2022 4:13 am

@L1M1N4L_5P4CE_2: I have DMed you with why I deleted your account. I should have warned you, but I was rushing through handling everything so it didn’t occur to me.

May 25, 2022 4:34 am

@Crumpet: HECK YEAH. you go crumpet! make em pay!

(btw if anyone saw a user called "homestars_hat" yesterday, it was me. that's my "throwaway" account that i go onto when stuff like this happens, so when i need to interact with people the trolls [who seemed to be going after everyone, not just systems] won't attack my main if that makes sense.)

May 25, 2022 4:37 am

@Crumpet: #crumpet4ever

May 25, 2022 5:00 am

@junatehrobot: I had the same thought about you as the origin, but so far it doesn't seem to be that way. I know who was the ringleader of it and it was an inside job They might very well be on that site though.

It was only a few people. It wasn't a big group.