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Kaitoo 4/21/2022 09:32 am 382

Here's mine down below !!

- -> My oc's name is Lilac !

--> Backstory: Lilac's parents were researchers who worked on finding interesting entities in the Backrooms. Her parents thought it would be a bright idea to bring her on her 13th birthday on a tour of the headquarters that holds the very door to the Backrooms..THEY WERE WRONG. Her parents only had one rule that she must follow...DON'T GO TO THE BACKROOMS WITHOUT US KNOWING. Obviously she didn't follow that rule, Lilac was turning 13 so of course she couldn't care less. Lilac ended up walking in..BAM!! The door shuts. She's stuck in there forever. Though Lilac is stuck in there, she has studied many of the rooms of the Backrooms for most of her life so she thinks she knows what she's doing...WRONG. Lilac's gone through many of the dangerous levels and ended up in level 974, Mr. Kitty's house. As a child, she's always dreamed of going to that one level, it was her all time favorite. That's what she's gotten. Though she may be in her most favorite level, she's still trying to continue to keep her parents research going, which that is...To find an EXIT to the Backrooms...

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After that long and tragic story-


-Currently, Lilac has been stuck in the Backrooms for about a year and a half.

-She was born on May 12th, the day the Backrooms was discovered !

-Lilac was able to find to find another survivor in the Backrooms, his name is Luca.

-Lilac almost died since she was on level 3, the "most dangerous level in the backrooms."

-Also, Lilac is always known for carrying at least one Kirby and waddle-Dee plushie, thats why she was teleported to level 974.

-Lilac's personality is shy and quiet at first but when you get to know her, she's all happy and very energetic !

That's all for now, Bye !! beating heart

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Apr 21, 2022 12:39 pm


--> my oc's name is Septimus!

--> backstory: Sep was born the seventh child, after his mother suffered from several miscarriages and the death of several children before him. He was the first to survive past two years old. Because he was the oldest surviving child, he was given the role of heir to the empire of myren. When he was six years old, his little sister Seraphine was born. For much of his childhood, Sep trained to take over the throne, as well as to protect his sister from their fathers violent outbursts and their mother's moods. When they were 17 and 11 their mother died, and Sep ran away shortly after that. For the next few months Sep survived by stealing, hiding, and stowing away on ships. Although he missed his little sister, he knew it was safest to leave her behind. Eventually, he was caught by royal guards and brought to a small island to be imprisoned. Before he could be taken to jail, he was rescued by a young girl and her friends, who he quickly learned were one of the most feared pirate crews in the empire.

---> fun facts

before telling the rest of the crew his backstory, Sep went by Cyrus

one of the soldiers on the ship who tried to imprison him was a boy named Sterling, who Sep later fell in love with

he has a special connection with Remo, the goddere (goddere is a term for minor god in this world) of wishes

Apr 21, 2022 1:22 pm

TW: Death

This one is someone i made for fun, also she's just a character that a based an AU off of.

Mine's name is Sunday. (She/He/They) She's a FNaF OC that works at the Fazbear Frights location as a mechanic. They basically make sure all the special effects and rigged things are working properly.

BACKSTORY: He started working at the location and started to sort of like make sure Springtrap was in working condition and stuff, but like Springtrap being Springtrap he tried to like kill her and stuff but didn't' because Sunday wasn't scared of him. Sunday actually saw him as a friend and loved talking with him, and springtrap like kind of warms up to them really slowly. but when Michael starts to work there she really doesn't like him bc she knows that that's afton's son and yadda yadda. (she doesn't know abt the truth abt afton/springtrap and stuff btw.) and then like during the fire/burning of the location he got his leg stuck under a falling board and ended up dying.


Sunday is Genderfluid and Omnisexual, male preference.

They dyed their hair blonde in high school, it's actually a brown color.

They also are very near sighted and wears these big glasses that takes up like the majority of his face.

Apr 21, 2022 2:57 pm

// mild swearing , murder idk-

My oc's name is Lia Grace (she/her but doesnt mind if ppl use they/them)

LIa Grace is a 13 year old middle schooler with 2 sisters (one she forgot existed), every summer her and her sister, Mary, go to their grandma's house and work at her antique doll shop. She finds a doll that she feels very connected to and then finds out it's haunted. She also meets a boy named Michael. Her life turns to shit and then she has to resort to killing the doll (it bleeds actual blood-), later mike (michael) confronts her and takes her and mary away to find their other sister, and then they have to do a bunch of other stuff bskhjsdhjkalalalalalalg

May 15, 2022 3:36 pm

Sweetooth, My fursona!! (He/They/Spook)

Sweetooth is a shorthair cat breed with maroon fur, A green stomach n' eyes, and Yellow hair n' inside ears! He has a nose ring and multiple ear piercings, Did i mention they're a ghost?

Yup! Spook died! It was on halloween night, out with his friends just messing around, ding dong ditching, then they come across a house, typical haunted house type stuff. And they're like "WHAT IF WE GO INSIDE?!?!?". Bad idea. One friends tail gets replaced for shits and giggles, one just, loses her soul. And sweetooth, gets BYE BYED!!!!!! He was 16 the night of their death. But by now, Spooks probably, like, 100 or more years old.


Sweetooths ref sheet was made on paper, He was supposed to have legs, but there wasnt enough room, so i made him a ghost!

Sweetooth was supposed to be pink, but i didnt have anything pink so they're red now!

Sweetooth is Transmasc because NOBODY IS ALLOWED TO BE CISHET....grr..

He has 2 forms, ghost form and a regular form, where he has legs and can walk, and not just float.

Sweetooths hair is sorta to the side, swooped over covering an eye, so he looks emo..../j


May 15, 2022 5:28 pm

Stone Hooves (pronouns undecided, so just they/them rn), my ponasona! despite the name, they're actually a pegasus, they have a purple coat and a short gray mane and tail! for the mane length, think around Lyra's mane minus the long hair in the back, and slightly spikier, and the tail is like in s1e2 when rarity cuts off her tail for the sea serpent, except also a bit more fluffier/spikier

Their cutie mark is an animal skull, because they're into vulture culture, taxidermy, and collecting and studying bones! they also have a few scars from dealing with some unfriendly wild animals and a few accidents/clumsiness, and they love to fly! their ears are pierced, they have helix piercings and just a normal lobe piercing (i have no idea what it would be called on a pony, but i hope you get the idea)

they're a bit hot-tempered sometimes, and outgoing, and they love to adventure! they're very loyal to their friends, and often try to get them to come along on their adventures. because of their sometimes intense personality and short fuse, they used to get into fights somewhat often at school when they were a filly/teen

a lot of this stuff isn't final, because they're still in the works, but that's what i have so far! as for backstory, parents, etc, don't ask me about that cause i have no clue

  • 13Killz
May 15, 2022 5:40 pm

[tw 4bus3 a1c0ho1i5m and b3at1ng] well mine is named star his father is a rageing alcoholic and star gets in lots of trouble and flunked school but his father is afraid of his sons strangth and after star told his dad that he would not be graduating highschool his dad threw him on the couch and beat him with his belt untill stars back was bloody and star snapped from the stress and strangled his dad with the belt and after a trial star was found criminally insane and sent to a ward and there though the conditions were good he never did recover and his mind melted into a mess of trauma and he lives just trying to suffer as little as possible while he constantly relives traumatic memoies and does not understand the people around him

May 15, 2022 6:17 pm

@CattyWampus_: I absolutely love you Fursona w01

May 15, 2022 7:58 pm

Sparrow: a gay albino detective who has been working with his highschool boy- I mean best friend (They both will have a gay awakening and start dating) introverted and extremely anxious type of guy. him and his best friend get a case from a rich girl who wants to inspect her uncle's old property because strange things have happened there. They end up finding lots of things that I probably shouldnt say on here lol.

Roman: sparrows "best friend" bisexual detective, funny, charming, and extroverted. Constantly saves sparrow because he is extremely lucky while sparrow is not.

Penelope: the rich girl previously talked about. Recently been trying to reach an old family friend. Her uncle is a part of a huge gang. Bisexual anxious but still friendly girl.

Lavender: Old family friend of penelopes, lesbian, for the investigation sparrow inspects her old childhood home, bringing back a lot of unresolved trauma causing her to become a villian.

May 16, 2022 2:49 am

my oc’s name is Natasha Koi, shes 19, straight, shes a right hand man in a mafia. Her boss’s name is Zach. She has platinum blonde hair and Im contemplating on giving her either green or purple eyes. Her power is she can make so called “portals” in the ground using a sword she carries on her.

May 16, 2022 5:50 am

@CattyWampus_: wowh i love ur story and fursona