Kandi supply advice!!!!

drizzlosis 1/7/2022 09:03 pm 627

I’m going shopping tomorrow and I wanna try and get the best supplies I can. Do any of u have some good brands for beads and string you could recommend???

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Jan 11, 2022 11:38 am

If you can find em, yarn needles are your best friend in Kandi making. They will save you a lot of frustration lol

Fabric covered elastic is your best bet for cuffs n things (wearable kandi) but clear plastic/fishing line is better for things like charms, panels, purses etc (stuff not meant to stretch lol)

As for bead brands, all beads are practically the same imo. Just have some projects/patterns saved so you can buy your beads around those hklove

Jan 11, 2022 11:33 am

idk about physical storez (all teh onez that sell pony beadz r liek . stupid expensive kao sick) so ur best bet is prob onlien !!!!! deffo try beadtin.com (or beadtin.co.uk if u liv in teh uk !!!!! tongue) rlly good pricez ,, shipping tiemz n itz where most ebay resellerz get their stuff !!!! kao smile