ugh fnaf rant

bugz_doez_kandi 1/2/2022 12:01 pm 254

(tw: mentions of nsfw and swearing, also p3dophila)

ugh so heres a rant:

so whenever i wanna go look up a picture of any fnaf animatronic, i'm so sick of seeing all these nsfw images of literal robot characters. like bro, these are fucking robots possessed by dead children. dead children!!!! so technically, if you were sexualizing some of these characters, that could basically be like p3dophila sad fnaf is about murderers, not shipping and nsfw garbage. again, it's like this with every fandom sadly.

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Jan 2, 2022 12:49 pm

yes omfg I mean ican tolerate ppl simping (I still think it's wrong) but when they say nasty stuff n make NSFW stuff it's so inappropriate do ppl realize the main demographic for this game is literally children!?! I'm so fucking tired of it I wish ppl would stop I just wanna look at photos of my fave characters. I recommend using Pinterest bc they are pretty strict abt nudity so it might be better idk