how to modify mask patterns

gasky 12/8/2021 07:17 am 148

theres some kandi masks on here i really want to make but my nose is Huge and one im making right now will not be tall/wide enough to fit properly. i can add more rows on top but dont know how to make it so that the top part is wide enough to fit my beak after i sew the little triangle part together

help pls

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Dec 14, 2021 11:34 am

Copy the og pattern into the pattern maker and redraw it with the rows/columns you need, that way it's easier to see the modifications that need to be made to the picturehklolly

Dec 14, 2021 11:18 am

i had to do this too and i just added an extra row at the top!

Dec 14, 2021 10:58 am

If the mask isn't tall enough to cover you from nose to chin, add rows on top of the design. If the mask doesn't sit far enough out from your face, then you need a longer seam at the nose bridge. You'll need to take some beads out and make the V part you sew together deeper, so it makes a bigger pyramid that sits away from your face. You might need to add rows on top *and* deepen the V to make it fit your face.

(I haven't made a kandi mask before, but those are the adjustments I would make to a sewing pattern. Good luck!)