utaautane 11/16/2021 04:59 am 2002

soooo school is crazy soo ima talk abt it, these are not in order im just doin whatever comes into my mind

CW: fights, drugs, nakey, alcohol (idk how to spell)

1. some kids got in a fight, ppl were punching and throwing eachother down at drop off

2. my bus brokedown yesterday and some ups truck offered to take us home (we didnt get on KISUHU)

3. they had to bring a dog in to sniff out drugs in the 6TH GRADE what 6th grader is bringing drugs to school

4. ppl bringing alcohol in there water bottle, idk who i just heard abt it

5. people hanging up photos of naked ppl in the changing rooms in the gym

6. weird ass things people write in the locker rooms/bathrooms

7. idk what else, share ur stories or comment on these storiesin replies

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Mar 25, 2023 5:28 pm

I have more stories now so yea edit: almost forgot a tw for seggual stuff

  • Some kid wrote “f*ck (insert my school district) !!” No one knows who did it
  • The area where you throw out pads and stuff started to be a conversation area like I’ve seen “omG hI hAiLEy!”
  • Somehow some kid started playing subway surfers in class on the school computer EVEN WITH IUR SCHOOL HAVING BLOCKERS!
  • Some kids skipped an assembly and sat out in the bathroom and got detention for 2 days
  • A while ago I used trying to get something under my desk (had a skirt on) and SOME KID HAD THE NERVE TO JUST LOOK UNDER LIKE HE WAS ADMIRING MY AZZ LIKE WHAT
  • Some kid said “I will squish your azz so hard I’ll make you moan” because I said I didn’t want to moan
  • 2nd grade a kid had the cops called on him and somehow that day was popsicle day so we just watched some kid getting a talk with the popo while everybody was enjoying their popsicles kao blank
  • Some kid started twerking on top of their desk
  • Fake friend said she wouldn’t be surprised if I kms bc I’m emo or sum
  • Rumor a nasty toy was in a teachers closet but it was just scissors
  • A girl i knew had some kid Shart on her bus
  • Some weird insult battle
  • Making class group chats on google docs (sharing a doc to kids emails and chatting)
    •My music teacher will sit us all down and start to rant abt how we are so disrespectful and no one likes each other
  • Boom . Done

Mar 25, 2023 4:45 pm

i wasnt here for this but my stepsister told me about it. no real names used.

so there was a dance to welcome the 7th graders and this girl Sarah was going to it with her boyfriend Brek. some other girl, i never learned who she was but we'll call her Emily, was really mad at Sarah for "stealing her boy" and was apparently making death threats and stuff

heres another one TW: mention of drvgs

so this annoying crackhead on my bus, we'll call him Grayson, was throwing his shoes to the front of the bus to annoy people. So, after him doing this a few times, some girl caught one of his shoes and threw it out the window. He had to walk home wearing one shoe and have his parent drive him back to get the shoe that was just lying on the road. Also Grayson offered my friend Dawson(not his real name) weed once.

Mar 25, 2023 4:39 pm
@V4MP1RE_GUTZZ: omfg i'm so sorry for you damn shock
Mar 25, 2023 4:33 pm
  • geez there such dorks lol anyway
  • People be making out in the bathroom
  • They be vaping

Mar 25, 2023 4:29 pm

tw// nsfw fights and rotten food? idk

a girl got pregnant (shes in 7th grade)

a kid wrote in a bathroom stall that they would shoot all the gay ppl

3 lockdowns last year

fights. fights. fights.

spoiled/rotten food/milk

some kid jizzed all over a friends of mines plushies (it was their comfort plush) and put deodorant all over it after THEY ADDED A FUCKING HOLE INTO THE PLUSH augh. makes me made when i think of it AND THEY WHERE 5TH GRADERS.

scary shit crying


Mar 25, 2023 4:16 pm

@squeee: this thread just comes alive every so often randomly idk

Feb 13, 2023 1:41 pm

ok so uh disclaimer: i used to be like a really bad little child. judge me if you want to but i dont really do most of this shmit anymore so yeah.

Tw: dangerous activities, raz0rs, seggs,

  • In 6th grade my 7th grade friends and I brought matches and wd 40 to school. we only used the 40 to do a little flamethrower by the river (which one of my english teacher's teachers in training saw) and then we tried to use matches to light a tree up. IT DIDNT WORK AND NOBODY WAS INJURED! but, i managed to get someone else blamed for most of it so i only had to be in in school suspension for a week.
  • later that very same year: i had a razor blade in a book and my friend got a hold of it and cut a hole in the back of a bus seat that was about a foot and a half long
  • skip ahead to 8th grade, i was sitting on the bus and the bus driver was being an absolute a$s to a bunch of the kids in the back (they werent doing anything so idk what his problem was) so when i went to get off the bus i stood on the stair, turned and looked at him, and said "youre a sl*t laughing" before getting off calmly.
  • also in 8th grade (just a few days short of 3 years ago) i did the adult activties in the boys locker room with my boyfriend at the time and then we ran off into the mountains for like 6 hours. this was the day after a blizzard that dropped more than a foot of snow.
  • in 8th grade a little 6th grade girl told me "girls dont listen to heavy metal".... so turns out im not a girl lol (im trans masc)
  • earlier this year (11th) 2 people got busted for weed and they took the doors off the bathrooms cuz people wouldnt stop vaping

deepest apologies lol

Feb 13, 2023 4:06 am

this thread been ongoing since i was 14 goddamn

my school is still boring as hell nothing 2 report

Feb 12, 2023 6:40 pm

i go to a different school now but my old school has MANY stories

  • Our school bus had a substitute who tried to kidnap us
  • My old history teacher sent me to the counselors office multiple times for having “identity issues” because i am transgender
  • Bomb threat (instead of evacuating us we went on lockdown lolz)
  • Kid brought dsmp flag to school (derogatory)
  • In math class i had a transgender pin on my landyard and somebody said “is that the lesbian flag” and I felt silly so I said “no I’m not an *insert f slur* SO EVERBIDY THOUGHT I WAS STAIGHT FOR A WEEK :,)
Feb 12, 2023 4:36 pm