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jasondean 10/31/2021 09:35 am 901

hi! i'm michael/jason. im 15 bodily but an ageslider, im a system host with osdd, adhd, anxiety, depression, dysphoria, psychosis, and borderline personality disorder. (most are diagnosed!) im bi, poly, a trans man and crowgender. i like folk punk, indie rock, and other assorted genres!! i also write my own songs :] i've been singing my whole life, and i used to sing competitively! i like rick and morty, kandi, ddlc, the walten files, helluva boss, heathers, be more chill, hadestown, and honestly too many things lol. i hyperfixate very easily! im taken x2. i make my own kandi patterns, so check my profile for those! im mostly proud of my lovejoy ones, lol. i hope we can be friends! my insta is linked on my profile if you wanna talk outside of here, and you can dm for my discord pinkysoot spritemariocarhkheartpichuwatermelon

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Nov 7, 2021 6:36 pm

HIIII! My Name Is MAX, MATRIX, Or BYTE, I Am 14, And I Have Diagnosed Anxiety And Undiagnosed ADHD! I Use Quite A Lot Of Neopronouns, But My Main Pronouns Are Xe/They (You Can Find Me On And I Identify As Quite A Few Xenogenders (Too Many To Count lol) And Non-Human. I Live In Canberra, Australia. I'm Still Figuring Out My Sexuality And Shiz But I'm Pretty Sure That I'm Autosexual, Pomoromantic (Or Maybe Aro??? berjfebj) And Pan-Platonic!

I Love Making Kandi Sm! It Just- HFGHBSJAHGCVADBGNBC ANC W <<<<<3333333! I Also Really Love Bright Colours, Rainbows, Jungle-Gyms, Play-Places, And Pretty Much Anything In That Kind Of Field. My Favourite Genres Of Music Is Hyperpop, Glitchcore, And Modern/Indie Rock, Though Spotify Describes It As 'Escape Room', And SomeOf My Favourite Artists/Bands Are Fraxiom, Food House, Those Who Dream, Ashnikko, WHOKILLEDXIX, And 100 Gecs! I Like Sonic, Specifically The "Sonic Real-Time Fan-Dubs", Empires Smp, The Click, Ranboo, Slimecicle, And Ldshadowlady! I Also Like ARGs Such As 'I Am Sophie', 'The Sun Vanished', And Pretty Much All The Others, And I Like Cartoons!

Sorry That Was A Lot Lol.

Nov 7, 2021 3:42 pm

hiyaaa my namez Ajax but ive got a buncha other namez i like such az Childe, Aether, Leon etc ! im 14, almost 15 in like 5 monthz (?) im transmasc , pupgender, aroace spectrum , and queerplatonic kao happy my pronounz r he/him or xe/xem along w a buncha other neoz !!! im very interested in genshin atm but i also like danganronpa, animal crossing, and other stuff !!! i havent made much kandi in a bit due 2 being busy w school but im tryna get back in2 it. i rlly like 2 draw though !!!!!! heart bounce idk what else 2 add aaa

Nov 7, 2021 2:52 pm

h4llo^^ I'm trying out diff3r3nt n4m3s, but rn I go by Oliv3r or D3imos^^ I us3 h3/th3y/it/z3^^ G3nd3rf4un 4nd ur4ntic^^ I r34lly lik3 4nything r3l4t3d to n3wgrounds(m4dn3ss comb4t to b3 sp3cific)^^ Minor^^^ If 4nyon3 c4r3s, my discord is D3dm05 h4h4#2143 (b3tw33n 13-16 pl34s3^^ sinc3 th4ts my 4g3 r4ng3)

Hallo!! I'm trying out different names, but rn I go by Oliver orDeimos!! I use he/they/it/ze!! Genderfaun and urantic!! I really like anything related to Newgrounds(Madness Combat to be specific)!! Minor!!! if anyone cares, my discord is D3dm05 h4h4#2143 (between 13-16 please!! Since that's my age range) blush

Nov 7, 2021 1:18 pm

rainbowsmile I don't have a name yet(experimenting with Roman, Mezereon, Void, and Moss). I'm genderqueer and bi/pan. Idc for labels much so I just say I'm nonbinary and a lil' fruity. I like to appear more androgynously fem, but prefer masc terms. My pronouns are it/they/he/she. I have some form of undiagnosed anxiety, other problems that could be a plethora of things, idk my parents don't care abt me my health. I'm currently growing out a mullet that I'm gonna dye pink. and im currently grounded from having a phone because tiktok makes me gaybig grin

Nov 7, 2021 12:55 pm

YOOO big grin im mckenna!! i have diagnosed psychosis & severe depression les gooo... but aside from that im also autistic! YASS
i can be a real bitch so like.. dont upset me ig?? idrk man if i dont like u then i dont like u.. sorreeyyyyyy XD
im scemo, metalhead, and a juggalo XD ask me my fav bands and i will LOVE u forevaahheyeroll

im also rlly obsessed with death and blood and stuff so like... YEAH LMFAO
i luv gorey horror movies big grin along with garfield, archer, southpark, etc etc etc
i have some rlly childish interests and some rlly messed up interests so im sorry if i confuse u laugh anyways bye

Nov 7, 2021 12:28 pm


Nov 6, 2021 9:40 pm

Hallo ! big grin I'm Roman and I go by Ro, I have (diagnosed), chromesthesia and ticker tape synesthesia, and ADHD. (undiagnosed) dyscalculia and some sort of anxiety problem (possible disorder, i have no clue lol my parents are very conservative and stuff of the sort, dont believe in medication as real help, and are highkey ashamed of disorders of any kind that are in the family) I'm a demiboy but also consider myself both agender and bigender. I identify as mainly an enby but sometimes I do feel like a guy. I'm panromantic and autosexual ! (Autosexual meaning attraction to oneself, although I do not define it that way. I believe that all sexualities/genders mean different things to different people as long as they aren't too stretched from their original definition. I define it as me not feeling sexual attraction towards people but willing to participate in "those things" by myself. I consider myself under the ace spectrum bc i do not feel sexual attraction to people uwu) I love music and many forms of art. Entomology, Sanders Sides, and kandi were some of my biggest hyperfixations and I still love them :3 (entomology still is)

Nov 6, 2021 3:11 pm

Hi i'm bran (i also go by milkshake online, idm what you call me)! i'm 16, autistic and my pronouns are he/they (if u only use one, please use he/him). i'm gay, (probably) asexual, and polyamourus.
As well as kandi, i really like drawing and i'm currently hyperfixated on genshin impact! I've been playing for like 3 months! kao happy
I also write A Lot of fanfic and original fiction, i don't have the courage to post it online yet but i'll get there eventually lol!

OH! I also have pet rats big grin they're rlly cool and interacting with them always makes me feel a bit better when i'm having a bad day!

Nov 6, 2021 3:07 pm

hiii!! I’m acid/klown/clown and I am 13. I’m currently into Jack Stauber and a lot of Decora Kei stuff!! (My favorite Jack stauber songs are- baby hotline, koi boy, two time, tea errors, and dead weight). I’m also really into fluffy blankets and soft stuff in general! I have been diagnosed with anxiety but I am wondering if I have ADD. I am taken and if anyone wanted to know my tiktok @ is cr1ng3.c0r3 as well as my spotify <333rainbowsmile

Nov 6, 2021 12:57 pm

hii I’m froggie!!! I’m a very adhd (undiagnosed because my parents don’t want to but agree that I have it??) 15 year old aroace queer agender/genderfluid/????gender person. I really like art and I draw traditionally and digitally a lot and have a lot of characters and stories!! but I can never finish them crying( I also do some animation occasionally. I like cottagecore/fairycore a lot and my outfits are either fairy person from a fantasy novel, gay, or kandi kid with rainbow suspenderss. I like boppy music and I am currently hyperfixating on mlp equestria girls and dsmp! i also like cosplaying sometimes:333