vent about clothes/weather (/neg i think)

temptation_stairway 10/16/2021 04:48 pm 73

omg i’m waiting for my sibling’s party to start and it’s mainly gonna be outside and i really really wanted to wear a cute skirt with thigh high socks and mary janes but my stepmom said i have to wear jeans because it’s apparently gonna be cold tonight but i looked at the weather report and it’s only gonna get down to like 40 degrees F tonight but she still made me buy four pairs of jeans and only one pair fits so now i’m wearing stupid jeans and tennis shoes and not my really pog outfit that i already had planned out. i’m so mad that my parents are always so concerned about what i wear in what weather and i’m mad that my parents let my sibling wear an outfit with shorts and thigh highs it’s not fair. it should be my choice to wear whatever i want and i’m so mad that i literally don’t get a say in what i wear just because it’s getting colder and my parents literally never make my sibling wear certain clothes it’s just me. i’m so uncomfortable in these jeans but at least i have my comfort hoodie i guess kao cry

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