HXH fans ? every gay knows them including me

adameve 10/16/2021 03:37 am 70

i love HXH, have been a fan for 2yrs. ive seen all the musicals, audio dramas, songs, animes and other content like the hisoka oneshot. ive reread the manga soo many times (i always skip chimera bc im lazy)

my favorite characters are pariston, ging, 1999-2004 hisoka and satotz-san. a very weird unconventional array but i love them all sooo much.

leorio & hisoka are my main favourites from the main 5

i like gon alot, i dont kin him as passionately since ive gotten older and think his drip wack af. i enjoy kurapika but him and killua were never my like favorites.

i was hyperfocused on gon and leorio so i ignored everyone :p

oh oh and heres driplua

(old art)


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