Show recommendation: Centuarworld

Froggiepie 9/24/2021 06:53 am 47

if you’re looking for a new show to watch on Netflix I highly recommend centuarworld, it looks like a cute tiny kid show but it’s honestly one of the best shows I’ve seen and no one can tell what demographic they were going for. It does get a bit dark but it has a happyIsh ending and also it’s a musical and the songs are a big part of the show, not just Stick A Song Here Just Because. I cannot recommend it enough so yes is very good

It does deal with war, scary cartoon goop villian, lullaby scary song, depression, blank void, the third to last episode implies s*ic*d but the character survives it, one character is a kleptomaniac, and there’s some adults who tell a tiny orphan who’s entire family just d*ed to go away, so if you’re sensitive to any of those things maybe don’t watch it, but otherwise it’s really awesome!

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