Could attach normal mask to inside of kandi mask?

jayberrypie 9/23/2021 06:19 am 163

Planning to make a kandi mask and sew a cloth one behind it so it could be like a functional mask, what do y’all think

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Sep 23, 2021 10:55 am

@jayberrypie: yuhyuh!! good luck on it too!! <3

Sep 23, 2021 10:47 am
@imphq: yeee I think I’ll try to like tie the strap things together?
Sep 23, 2021 10:46 am

@zipzapzero: i will! :3.

Sep 23, 2021 10:45 am

that seems like a great idea!! When u figure that out plz post smth about it lmao, I rlly wanna try to do that now xD

Sep 23, 2021 10:43 am

i'm sure you can!! maybe you gotta tie it to the kandi mask?? or hot glue it on, not really sure how you would do it..

Sep 23, 2021 6:29 am