I am bored so lets talk!

bugt33th_ 9/20/2021 05:49 am 68

I am in class at the moment so talk about what ever you want! Just please be kind and respectful! hklolly

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Sep 20, 2021 6:46 pm

i really like your pfp, the golden guard has so much character development

Sep 20, 2021 6:24 am

@JasperOfJupiter: Ooo nice! Rotating cuffs are always so coolkao happy

I am planing on getting into dsmp soon kao happy

Sep 20, 2021 6:02 am

sup sup

umm idk what to talk about but i am also bored in class

i made a rotating cuff last night, which is my first x-based cuff, my first 3D cuff, and my first rotating cuff so thats really exciting. a cool alt person saw it in the hallway and said "dude i love your kandi bro" and it took so much willpower not to scream out of excitement. it made me feel so good i stg. im def wearing kandi to school every day now kao posh

other than that lifes pretty good. school isnt too awful yet, so thats fun. im trying to catch up on dsmp lore but theres so much and i got such a late start, its overwhelming kao sick