i need help bc im confusing myself :')

a_jesters_fun 8/30/2021 08:53 pm 295

howdy, im looking online for beads and i need help figuring measurements, i had my dad measue a bead hole up from tip to tip and it measured 9.15mm. im mostly just wondering if that would be the correct way to measure a bead bc i have no clue, and when i purchase eventually i would like the beads i end up buying to be as acturate in size to the ones i have currently, if that makes sense. sorry if i explained poorly its late at night where im at so im not exactly the most awake, also i didnt proof read this

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Aug 31, 2021 6:55 am

when it comes to kandi, usually it doesnt matter bead size. standard pony beads are about 6x9mm but can vary bc of manufacturing. try not to worry too much about bead size because most of the time you cant tell because the difference is TEENY big grin

Aug 31, 2021 3:35 am

The most accurate way to measure beads is probably to use a caliper. Standard-sized pony beads are normally 6x9mm, but there can be some variation across manufacturers. The best way to ensure your beads are the same size is to order high-quality beads from the same manufacturer. Because they might say they’re 6x9mm but could actually be slightly smaller or larger. Measuring probably isn’t going to help you too much