How do you feel about the dsmp?

husky2433 8/22/2021 01:45 am 2909

I mean like characters, fandom and all that in general. I want to know how people feel about it cuz ive heard mixed opinions. (Keep conversation civil please) :D

[this does not include jschlatt and the lunch club group, or anything they have done.] /lh./gen

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Nov 28, 2021 3:44 pm

@tranquil_totoro: THIS THIS THIS!!!!!!!!! /pos

Nov 28, 2021 3:18 pm

i tried to get into it bc the lore seemed rlly cool but just the sheer amount of problematic shit (and also content in general) i heard about it all made me stay away (and honestly i don't want to deal with whiny ass kids so-) shrug

my overall opinion: the dsmp lore seems interesting but everything else just sucks ass lmfaoo

edit: also apparently ppl thought that some russian song was someone speaking enderman-ish?? as a (basically native) russian speaker, that kind of pissed me off bc my language is not some minecraft gibberish TOT

Nov 28, 2021 3:16 pm

i cant really say i like it, i tried getting into dream smp sometime last year and i couldnt keep up with it at all and the plot honestly confuses me a little? as for the mcyts, i dont really know enough about what they have done to form an opinion? i know dream, schlatt, and some other people i dont remember rn did some really bad things so i try to avoid them.

i only watch ranboo and as far as i know he hasnt done nothing bad? i dont really watch him alot though and i dont associate with the dsmp fandom and stay far away from it and if he does (or did) anything super bad ill stop watching him.

i respect everyone who hates the dream smp because i understand why they hate it and tbh if i knew more about what some of the members have done i would probably be just as angry as everyone else is.

(edit: i just noticed i didnt say anything about the fandom so i will talk about it in this edit. the fandom is just uh.. mixed bag because theres really weird stuff that makes me want to stay FAR away and really cool stuff like animatics and art and cosplays that are honestly really impressive. i dont think dream smp fans are bad bc of this but i do think they should put more pressure onto mcyts if they do something bad instead of making excuses or brushing it off.)

Nov 28, 2021 3:11 pm

I'm part of the fandom but there are certain parts of it that make me very dissapointed.

#1 - the toxic dnf shippers

#2 - anyone who ships tubbo x tommy or tubbo x ranboo(irl not lore)

#3 - the DID fakers (I have a friend who is very fictive heavy w/ dsmp alters and fictive heavy in general)

Nov 28, 2021 2:01 pm

Ehhh I’m pretty neutral on it! I never got into it because the lore is pretty hard for me to keep up with & I already watch other smps, but I think it’s great that a minecraft series has gotten so popular recently. There is definitely a vocal minority that gives most fans a bad reputation, & I’ve seen some horrible things said/done “in defense” of their favorite streamers. Aside from that, most of the people I’ve personally met that like dsmp are amazing people. There are so many skilled & passionate artists in the community, & I love seeing the fanart even if I don’t watch the smp. I just wish that some content creators on the server could take accountability for things they’ve done in the past, & accept it. Same goes for fans/“antis”; we should be able to hold people accountable for mistakes they’ve made in the past while also giving them time to grow & change their behavior. Misinformation also spreads like wildfire, & I’ve seen creators get “cancelled” for things that they didn’t even do (which is especially frustrating when there are other things that they actually *did* do, but are getting swept under the rug in favor of misinformation). Overall, I can see where people are coming from on both sides.

Nov 27, 2021 5:06 pm

i dont really care for it. i dont support any of the problematic people, and the unproblematic ones i have a neutral opinion on.

Nov 27, 2021 4:54 pm

i just genuinely despise it. it makes me just genuinely angry as to how people still support these racist queerphobic assholes. like genuinely how do you still support these pieces of crap after everything that theyve done? and they havent even apologized for most of shit theyve done.

tldr: it makes me genuinely angry and i despise it <33333

Nov 27, 2021 2:24 pm

I haven't rlly watched them bc I ain't into Minecraft that much but just seeing what most of those streamers say is honestly worrying. I say that bc they spout all that bad stuff to their audiences of impressionable lil kids and then the kids think it's ok. Then when people rightfully call the streamers out, they give an apology. The audience of little kids accept it because they don't understand the real meaning of what was said and only see "Oh they said sorry so it's ok."

You'd think people would see that if what they are doing is attracting little kids they'd either change the content or try and cater to them, but the dsmp or mcyt (whatever they called) just don't from what it seems like. N I don't even blame kids for watching them bc they don't get what they're watching, people just give their kids phones and don't check em.

It isn't really a case of "oh it's a toxic fandom" from what I've seen it's little kids who think they're more grown than they really are n it's terrible. It just makes me kinda sick bc I was on the wrong websites at the wrong age n it still messes with me now and I hate to see all that continue with grown ass adults as the front of it all.

Another thing people say some streamers aren't problematic but then said streamers go n make content with the bad ones. They themselves may be good but they giving a platform for those who aren't

(sorry for the mess of ideas, I am angry and tired lol)

Nov 27, 2021 2:13 pm

Tbh I respect the NON-TOXIC fans. Like I have a few who sorta like it. Personally I don’t really watch mcyts at all anymore, and I wasn’t ever really involved in the lore Bc I just watched those stupid videos like “trapping 100 people in a cellar and seeing who survives” in online school cus it helped me destress, and I mainly watched Skeppy, Spifey, and Badboyhalo. But again I never got into the lore and stopped watching em over the summer of 2020. I do genuinely respect the nice fans and the people who do actually cool fanart rainbowsmile, but I really don’t like the toxic and generally nasty side of the fandom. /gen/nm

Nov 27, 2021 2:06 pm

@femalepatrickbateman: YES THIS i have seen so much awful shit done by the streamers and they don't care. It's until they say something like "sorry I said this". Then they care??? It's so confusingsick