What’s your favorite fandom(s) that you’re in?

Zombie_guts 8/13/2021 03:26 am 1736

I want to get new internets without having to worry about bad fandom

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Sep 19, 2023 6:07 am
@dont_ask_jeeves: yessss! I was on team frye but i also love shiver and big man! It is a liiittlee upsetting that Frye never wins but I hate all the name calling and people reporting shiver fans. Its just wrong. Like its not rigged and shiver won fair and square. Anyway who’s your fav char? happy
Sep 19, 2023 6:05 am


Sep 19, 2023 5:57 am

overwatch :3 i will admit half the fandom is pretty toxic since its a free to play game now crying but once you get to the gay side of the fandom everyone is rlly silly, ive made plenty of friends on overwatch and bonded with friends through overwatch!! big grin

Sep 18, 2023 9:49 am


Sep 15, 2023 10:50 am

@LustSans_irl: RUI, TOYA, AND MIZUKI!!! big grin

Sep 14, 2023 3:24 pm

south park! the fandom is..interesting. just stay away from the worse people and its fun. sally face is a great game and has a pretty chill fandom! it usually dies out and gets really quiet, then BOOMS in popularity every two years or so.

i also look back fondly on my maximum ride days. i dont like the books much anymore, but it made me very happy for a couple of years and got me through middle school ^^

Sep 14, 2023 3:15 pm

splatoon!!! ^_^ things are unfortunately a bit toxic rn from what ive heard (heard bc i don't use any "real" social media except for pinterest) though because of the results of the recent splatfest sad

Sep 14, 2023 2:52 pm
Sep 14, 2023 2:50 pm

@LustSans_irl: *explodes but confetti instead of fire* :333

Sep 14, 2023 2:48 pm

@_AXE_: *yippies in edge papyrus kinnie* tbh confetti