M4k1ng 4 k4nd1 D1sc0rd servver!! (Making a kandi Discord server!!)

tally_hall_obsessed 8/3/2021 09:32 pm 355

1 st1ll n33d 4 n4me 4nd 4ll but ye4h! 1ll ed1t th1z p0st ww1th 4 l1nk wwhen 1m d0ne ww1th permz 4nd all : )

I still need a name and all but yeah! I'll edit this post with a link when I'm done with perms and all : )

edit: https://discord.gg/HMDc9dFxDy : )

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Sep 8, 2021 2:15 pm

my @ is barkbarkbrainrot#5136happyhappy