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Lord_Cookie 8/3/2021 01:26 pm 83

1 GOT MC!!! 1VE NOT PLAYED SINCE 1 WAS LIKE 5-7. AFTER YEARS OF ASKING AND MONTHS OF BEGGING, MY DAD CAVED. AFTER LITERAL HELL (making an microsoft account, figuring out how to get it, unable to install, finally installing and then having child consent issues, giving me all permissions, still not working, makes my account now an adult account, still no work, then finally after restarting and waiting for MC to finally respond, can finally play!) 1 PLAYED WITH MY GF AND GOT LIKE 25+ DIAMONDS IN 40 MINUTES OF THE WORLD STARTING (1'm still a pro after like 5 years /j, we got so goddamn lucky with our cave) AND AN ENTIRE STACK OF OXEYE DAISIES (my fav flower) 1 MADE A HOUSE WITH THE GF AND THEN HAVE DOWNLOADED ORIGINS MOD FOR DAYLIGHT SMP (SMP her friends play on)!!! If you wanna know what my skin is (1 made it based on Slimecicle and me irl and the fact 1'm a slime in the Origins mod) search "Algae fixed" on Skindex :DD happy

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Aug 3, 2021 3:01 pm

@Gothisstaff: its world with my gf only and she makes the worlds for me as i only get 1 world with my version (since its 50 USD for 6) but if i make one, ill hit you up happy

Aug 3, 2021 2:59 pm

yo what was the world seed