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help idk how to do this/ where to buy beads

rae_021 8/3/2021 06:54 am 298

hey :]. im barely starting kandi and i want to learn on how to make the patterns I see on here. if anyone knows how please send me a message <3. i also want to know on where to get better beads. if anyone wants to be mutuals send me a message I need friends-


lil rainbow

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Aug 10, 2021 9:22 am

@andrea_021: np^^wink

Aug 8, 2021 7:36 pm

i get most of my beads off of beadtin and there's lots of tutorials on youtube! turbobeads, vickymuffins, mood kandi, and ginger cand-e are a few people who have good tutorials (and i think turbobeads is actually a mod here?)

Aug 8, 2021 3:41 pm

there are plenty of videos on YouTube teaching how to read/make different patterns. You can get pony beads for kandi basically anywhere. Dollar store, craft store, internet

Aug 4, 2021 12:38 pm

kinda hard to explain without being able to show u, but take ur string: | (<—that’s the string) and fold it in two like this: U and then put one head on each end of the string and let it slip down. then fold the string and put the two ends through one bead, and just keep following that pattern. ((not sure if this is helpful lmao sorry)

and ya sure we can be friends big grin

Aug 4, 2021 7:38 am
@kitt3n_g0th: thanks for the tips!! <3
Aug 4, 2021 7:37 am
@total_loser: ooo thanks!! happy
Aug 4, 2021 7:36 am
@kandikid0w0: thanks!! big grin
Aug 4, 2021 7:34 am
Aug 4, 2021 7:34 am

@z03c0re: tysm!! :] that helped me a lot! have a good day <3

Aug 3, 2021 11:57 am

i would suggest walmart or michaels craft store sincethey both sell pony peads and the elastic to make the kandirainbowsmile