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judge me based off my music taste and highest kins!

bunn13zk4z00 7/31/2021 09:45 am 71

(please use tone tags :] )

music taste:

i like ashnikko, idk how but they found me, the brobecks, tyler, the creator, kali uchis, boypablo, ricky montgomery, girlinred, melanie martinez, lovejoy, doja cat, childish gambino, odd future, clairo, marina, the 1975, finneas, the weeknd, jack stauber, tame impala, half•alive, artic monkeys, paramore, gorillaz, the strokes, two door cinema club, and palaye royal (a couple more i cant list off the top of my head rn kao cry )

highest kins:

shichimiya satone, sayaka igarashi, aoi asahina, kaori miyazano, ochaco uraraka, ibuki mioda, knives chau, mitsuri kanroji

if you read through a)l this i applaud you kao coolrainbowsmile

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Jul 31, 2021 9:50 am

very energetic, kinda kidcore, with good music tastes