Slimecicle Related Things? (Songs, Kandi, Outfits, Aesthetics, Fanart, Quotes etc etc) Maybe Caps?

Lord_Cookie 7/27/2021 02:16 pm 453

1 adore Slimecicle (his videos and his character in the Dream SMP) and was wondering if people could send things relating to him or what reminds them of him? He's a massive comfort to me and has helped me figure out my neopronouns (slime/slime/slime's/slimes/slimeself) and has helped me through some dark times so 1 was wondering if people could do that? It'd be amazing thank you happy - Cookie happy & Gavin. heart bounce

pls giv slimecicl thingz rainbowsmile - crumble :3

Here's some things that remind me of him happy some make sense, some don't
- Lemon Demon (Eighth Wonder, Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny, Cabinet Man, Modify, Sweet Bod etc.)
- Bowties? (Green with vanilla shirt)
- Shiny Things (Like screws or coins etc)
- Cavetown
- Green, Vanilla, Deep Orange, Brown
- Slime (Slime mobs in any games, not irl slime)
- "Dap me up!" "Fist bump!" (So on so forth)

(Edit: It can make no sense happy just things that remind you of him lol - Cookie :])

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Jul 29, 2021 1:05 pm

@Sh4mp00_T4st3s_B4d: 1 agree lmfao - Cookie :]

Jul 29, 2021 1:04 pm

@Lord_Cookie: Headcanons? Nah those are canon /j

Jul 29, 2021 12:53 pm

@Sh4mp00_T4st3s_B4d: Those are amazing and HCs are fine, 1've got a couple myself lol:

- He has a mild version Tourettes/Tics.

- Them being "Dap me up", twitching, kissing/hugging random people (it is really funny to me), "goop/slime/etc", flapping his hands and punching/biting/slapping his leg (less common tic but it does happen and Quackity normally has to try and stop him).

- The only person he doesnt say where they are from after their name is Dream (homeless tellitubby)

- He bleeds a dark green.

- Genderfluid and Pansexual (he doesn't really care/understand gender and sexuality very well)

- He has slime neo pronouns and goes sometimes as it (1m not self projecting 1dk what you're talking about-).
- He watches kids shows.
- Quackity has taught him some basic Spanish words.
- Randomly recites history to people.
- He just loves history and often goes on massive tangents to people in Las Nevadas about it.

Those are a couple lmao, 1 love yours too happy - Cookie :]

Jul 29, 2021 10:46 am

-Typing quirks where you add on a little sound or word at the end of all your messages (his would be like slime, gloop, that kind of thing

-Preaching weird food combos and insisting they’re good, and they actually turn out to be

-Lemon Demon songs, specifically Mask Of My Own Face and Ultimate Showdown Of Ultimate Destiny

-Not trying very hard in school, spending his free time doing other things but still somehow getting A’s and B’s

-Chess and you would think he doesn’t have the patience for it but he’s actually a god at it

-Constantly chiming in with random Weird But True facts because he read all of those books as a kid and remembers them all

-Emoticons?? Idk it just seems like something he would use, :p etc

Also I have a photo of a slimecicle cuff I made on my profile, so look at that if you want.

This turned out to be more of headcanons than things that remind me of him, but I hope you enjoy

Jul 29, 2021 3:30 am

@AceNeedsAlife: Also could you link the pattern for the slimecicle cuff? surprise - Cookie :]

Jul 29, 2021 3:26 am

@AceNeedsAlife: // caps

Yes to everything you have just mentioned 1ly /platonic ALSO THE SKIPPING IS AMAZING YES AND 1 LOVE THE KANDI DUDE :0000 - Cookie

Jul 28, 2021 8:48 pm

-removing vowels from things

-you mentioned bowties but I raise you suspenders

-textured greens


-skipping (this one mainly applies to his dsmp character, I can just see him skipping everywhere.)

-ironic autotune and other voices mod things

-cursed memes, especially among us ones

-things that aren't human pretending to be human/the trench coat meme

-malaphors, specifically "we'll burn that bridge when we get to it"

also, i give you my slimecicle kandi happy

Jul 28, 2021 2:28 am

Alright since its no longer 2 am, 1 have some more things.

- White (dusty white, don't know why but yes)
- Green fidget toys like fidget cubes and pop-its and so on (reminds me of his DSMP character as 1 HC that he fidgets a lot and has tics/tourettes and those things help him)
- Hearts (obvi)
- Flashing keyboard (1 will not elaborate as 1 have no idea why)
- Fireflies by Owl City (its basically his theme song, fight me)
- Small things, like really small things (again, 1 have no idea) - Cookie :]
- Cartoons (childish ones, maybe from 90s?)
- Kidcore

Jul 27, 2021 4:07 pm



Jul 27, 2021 3:54 pm

Off top my head? I think about him and protein shakes, oddly enough, especially considering how that leans more towards schlatt in DSMP canon lol. Though, I think it's cause they're kinda thick and such? plus, there's that meme about buff slimecicle, which is another thing that makes me think about him. Same with mud, too. very much makes me think about his archeology video, and his DSMP characters general childishness. Another thing along those lines leads more into slime-y type reptiles, such as frogs, salamanders, and newts. Plus, it reminds me of the joke that happened in about the third (?) chuckle sandwich episode where they refer to charlie as 5 lizards in a jacket. Along those lines, stingrays remind me of Charlie's story about being stung by one imparticular. What's more, eating raw vegetables (like one would eat an apple) reminds me of that early bit as well. Along those lines, chuckle sandwich, as obvious an answer as it is, reminds me of charlie. Same goes for his youtube channels, his dnd channel, his twitch, minecraft streams with him in them, lunch club, etc etc all remind me the slime man. Though, at the mention of Dnd, there's some DND related things that brings him to mind as well. The Dungeon Mayhem character, 'Blorp' is another thing to add to the list (it also reminds me of a friend of mine, but that's not important right now, lol). suspenders remind me of his DSMP character, due to Las Nevadas. Will wood matches with the Lemon Demon reminder, which, btw, is a super good point. They're both super funky, and super slimey, lol. I think "ash ketchum" accent's make me think of him too, due to his tone he applys when doing certain bits.

-Protien Shakes
-Buff Slimecicle (and Buff Quackity) Memes
-Reptiles (Frogs, Newts, Salamaders)
-Eating Raw Vegetables
-Chuckle Sandwich
-His YT & Twitch
- His DND channel
- Blorp, Dungeon Mayhem

- Suspenders

- Will Wood

- Lemon Demon

_ Ash Ketchum Impressions.