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can someone make a creepypasta cuff pattern of ticci toby or ben drowned?

V4MP1RE_GUTZZ 7/22/2021 07:16 pm 246

my computer is being whack and wont let me use the pattern maker aa

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Jul 23, 2021 11:23 pm
@V4MP1RE_GUTZZ: omg youre welcome lol, they were fun to make!
Jul 23, 2021 11:22 pm


Jul 23, 2021 1:51 pm

@wednesdays_posion: okay I’m not into creepy pasta so I literally don’t know who those characters are BUT THOSE CUFFS ARE SO COOL WHAT I LOVE THEM

Jul 23, 2021 1:46 pm

@wednesdays_posion: oml i just saw them holy- they're so cool tysmtysmtysmtysm

Jul 23, 2021 1:37 pm

@wednesdays_posion: sorry i'm responding late lol but tysm big grin

Jul 22, 2021 8:37 pm

omg i can try my best!