stoopid rant/vent

n3onw0rmi 7/12/2021 05:40 am 160

I’ve been part of this friend group for 9-10 years- not even exaggerating lol- and it’s my only friend group. I have friends scattered across the place but this is my only friend group. I could always rely on them, and I knew they’d never be toxic or drop me. in December of last year I found out that a guy from my group was moving across the world, and in June he moved. It was extremely hard on me because I was so close to him. I still really miss him. And guess what? Yesterday I found out that ANOTHER one of my friends from the group is moving. I swear, it feels like the group is falling apart. I really need them, and it’s breaking apart slowly. Idk, I’m just upset ig

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