bo burnham sugg3st1ons

pogg3rz 6/22/2021 10:20 pm 102

1 hav3 a fr13nd who 1s rlly 1nto bo burnham and 1 wanna know mor3 of h1s songs so w3 can talk mor3 abt 1t!! plz h3lp all w3 talk abt 1s th3 dsmp and my obs3ss1on w1th lemon demon

i have a friend who is rlly into bo burnham and i wanna know more of his songs so we can talk more abt it!! plz help all we talk abt is the dsmp and my obsession with lemon demon

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Jun 23, 2021 2:59 am

Assuming you have netflix not song suggestions but I'd reccomend watching his specials on there theyre good :3

Some of my favorite songs of his atm would have to be Welcome to the internet, Art is dead, Oh Bo, and Shit!

Honestly just go onto spotify choose one of his albums and you're set

Jun 23, 2021 1:53 am

art is dead, sad, from god's perspective, left brain right brain, and RANT are good classics/starters. What used to be his spotify popular section before inside came out. My personal recommendations would be Repeat Stuff (i prefer the studio version) and the live performance of We Think We Know You. Enjoy mate

Jun 23, 2021 1:35 am

Bo fo sho,welcome to the inte

Jun 23, 2021 1:34 am

art is dead uwuwuwuwuwu

Jun 23, 2021 12:26 am

here are my favorites:

art is dead, welcome to the internet, sad, we think we know you, i'm bo yo, bo fo sho.

it's better to watch these on YouTube if you can honestly, the visuals help it make sense.

Jun 22, 2021 11:17 pm

i don't know too many, but i really like 'art is dead' and 'oh bo.' !!