Is this just me

not_your_Bunnii 6/21/2021 08:10 am 107

is it just me or do I feel like I’ve made so much kandi and spent a long time on it but when I lay it out there’s really not that much

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Jun 21, 2021 11:25 am

n0p3 tH4tz n0t jUst y0u, 1v3 b33n m@k1n9 k4nD1 f0r 4b0uT @ y34r n0w, 8uT 1 h4v3 s0 l1tTl3 8uT 4lz0 1 l0z3 4 L0t 0f cUfFz z0o0oo

((nope thats not just you, ive been making kandi for about a year now, but i have so little but also i lose a lot of cuffs sooooo ))