Tell me about something you're really interested in, whatever it is keep typing, i love hearing about it. /gen

dr_swag_enby 6/13/2021 05:36 am 466

That's the message, literally anything your stuffed animals, Kandi, a random TV show anything you love. Hearing people talk about their interests is always so amazing! togepi

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Jun 14, 2021 7:08 am

dude the dream smp,,, just. its been a fixation of mine for about 2-3 months now and i have complete brainrot. its all i can think about. mostly the lore but even just dumb moments that have happened are there, like the time george turned into a pig with bad, then bad and callahan had to go on this whole adventure to turn him back to his like,,, human form. it was a v odd moment but it still didn't fail to make me laugh. i love everyone in the smp (besides schaltt and fundy,,, we dont like racism.), they all have such unique traits. for example, Ranboo's humor and height, i have never heard of a man taller than 6'4, but then ranboo rly said "yeah im 6'6 and STILL GROWING." if we're talking about lore though, dude i could go on forever about ranboo, karl and technos lore. ranboos lore is so relatable to me its scary, from dream getting into his head, from him faking his memory issues that they became real, hurting michael, the panic room, the memory book, all of it. i rly hope we get like, tubbo and ranboo lore, like they get a divorce or something. idk why but that'd be super interesting. the lessons were also rly interesting, like "don't trust anyone, not even yourself.", the fact that ranboo cant even tell the difference between reality and fiction also hits a BIT TOO CLOSE TO HOME-- then techno's lore is super cool too,,, bedrock bros was so sad and i hate how it just, broke everyone. then with the newer lore about him being trapped in prison with Dream is cool, like, just think about it. two ppl who have both a good and bad history together, stuck in a jail sell together. theyre on both good and bad terms, like theyre on good terms bc of how dream saved techno but are also on bad terms bc of how dream has literally a8used techno's brother (tommy). what is the syndicate gonna do about techno, they're like,,, leader, in a prison with dream? and then apparently SKEPPY IS GONNA HELP??? SKEPPY???? i feel like skeppy and the syndicate are gonna blow up the prison, saving techno but also accidently freeing dream. karl's lore is super cool as well, like a time traveler?? um YES. all though it sucks bc not only is he forgetting everything, he's also like,,, destroying himself by time traveling. by writing hundreds of stories about the ppl he meets in the inbetween or in the past he's hurting himself. then he brought back dream from the beginning of the smp just to try and fix everything, thats when he officially forgot everything. he left both of fiances behind by trying to fix everything. he forgot Sapnap and Quackity. in the tales of the smp, its HEAVILY implied that his time traveling formed the egg, which only ended horribly lol. then we have revivebur (or wilbur) straight up making a new nation right next to Las Navada. plus, tommy and someone else (besides sam) know about Quackity a8suing Dream. who could possibly know?? almost everyone is against sam (aka they wouldnt talk to him). im so excited to see what will happen when wilbur/revivebur goes to see dream in the piso and just sees techno? aka his literal brother. revivebur is hurting tommy but he doesn't even know it, hes manipulating tommy but he doesnt even realize it. dude, wilbur was hurt sm in the past he doesn't even know how to treat ppl right. he hurts others bc HE THINKS THATS LOVE. hes hurting others but he doesnt even realize it bc he thinks its normal. he started another nation to try and prove to himself and others hes worth something (plus he kinda did just wanna annoying quackity). when quackity goes back to the prison, is Quackity gonna start abusing techno as well? what will happen to quackity once ppl come and save techno? what will he do to both of them? god i have SO MUCH more to say but this is long enough RJORJMVRV--

Jun 14, 2021 6:37 am

@yourfav_ynd3r3: i love people talk about crystals, because they always work for what you want them too due to the placebo effect. i think its rlly cool

Jun 14, 2021 5:49 am

@KrashKablamBlam: that’s so cool !1!1 /gen

Jun 14, 2021 5:39 am

@yourfav_ynd3r3: i have fifi too! and they're mini-sized, but i also have esmerelda and alan!

Jun 14, 2021 5:32 am

o m g i have a lot of things to talk abt :’)

squishmallows ! ik a lot of people talk about them but they are vv comforting to me. i legit take at least one with me when i’m around the house, currently i have 3 2 bigg ones and 1 smol ! (fifi, daryl and, paco !) paco is my most recent 1 i got him yesterday from walgreens ! the 1 i really want tho is wendy or meadow 1 ! they make me vv happy

i’m also very into crystals rn !1!1 i have a bunch of them from when i was abt 9 my dad used to bring them home for me ! i also recently just got a few, the one i always keep on my is citrine it helps with positivity and self confidence. the couple i most recently got is moonstone and sodalite ! i haven’t done much research on the 2 yet but lol i’m working on it !

sry if i typed to much , i get excited abt things and ramble a bunch . <3

Jun 14, 2021 5:29 am

so i really love the old internet and old computer stuff, i just think it's really neat :,)

Jun 14, 2021 5:03 am

well theres this horror comedy podcast i found out about recently called Camp Here & There! only one episode is out but i love it sm already!!!! my fave character is Sydney whos kinda the main character ig? hes the narrator and stuff so id call him the main character lol. anyways, it has such good storytelling and the music is super freaking good (the music is done by Will Wood too btw :33)!!! overall, its just so good and im so hyped for episode 2 :33

Jun 13, 2021 5:19 pm

rwby rwby rwby !!!!!! its an animated show by rooster teeth and i really like it ive been obsessed with it for months and its about this one team of girls called team rwby and their names are ruby (main character), weiss, blake, and yang (rubys sister) and they go to a school called beacon academy where they learn to be hunters against these monsters called grimm and theyre friends with this one team called team jnpr (jaune, nora, pyrrha, ren) and theres another like little show connected to it called rwby chibi and its a really big comfort show for me i love it sorry if this is hard to read

Jun 13, 2021 3:55 pm

: my state had them!

Jun 13, 2021 3:53 pm

@Cl0wn_Tree: that seems so cool!!! ill have to read more into it