What do yall think of "scenecore" and "emocore" ? (no meanies.)

digitaln3komaid 6/11/2021 12:08 am 332

HAI!! hkheartTonight I felt spicy, so we're gonna talk about "scenecore" and "emocore" as a whole. That means the good and the bad, and not gatekeeping it all ^^ So keep it kind, and respectful of opinions! (agree to disagree if you cannot come to understanding! Since i know there is a lot of kids on here who are "scenecore" ^^)

My stance on the whole thing is.... um, I dont know what about it makes me so uncomfy but: scenecore and emocore just makes me uncomfy, because scene and emo kid culture has always been really important to me (even when I was a kid, I looked up to it.) So for Tiktok to suddenly take it into their hands and create...scenecore (mainly scenecore ill be talking about) Its weird because when you place early 2000s scene to "now" scene, its crazy diff kao cry
Like completely diff from scene from the early days,,, I do understand subcultures change and grow with the years, but this just kinda unsettles me in a weird way. Its like the whole subculture is stripped away of all its qualities and turned into a "trendy" and "quirky" tiktok thing. I've literally watched a tiktok where someone who went to goodwill saw literally so much alt/emo/scene stuff, like brand new demonias. And they said "who's alt kid died kao confused" and "probably was a poser/trender who just got bored of being alt" Which would make a lot of sense since tiktok is like,,, the breeding ground for "-core" aesthetics. Its kinda funny,,, in a sad way. Subcultures grow yes, but,,, to be nearly completely different? Like look up scenecore, please, and then look up 2007 scene kids, you'll get what I mean. Because all that pops up for "scenecore" is glitchcore edits of Ibuki and dangaronpa. With no features of scene really at all,,,? (again at least in my book, glitchcore could be the,, new scene or something, but again not in my book ^^ reminder, this isnt me telling people what is and isnt scene, just me giving my overall opinion on scenecore as a whole.)

Its like a kandi kid threw up and decided to wear that to the rave,,, eye strain out the butt. And a crap ton of hellokitty and mlp,,, which i dont judge (because I love both heart bounce) but why you gotta include hello kitty :(( she already had enough with the "hello kitty says ACAB" bull,,, Im just tired of seeing scenecore as a whole tbh, my eyes hurt looking at it, so I just avoid it at all costs. And don't get my wrong, 100 gecs have really good music, and I really like hyperpop and such. But for that to be considered scene is a long shot in my opinion :''')) -core aesthetics will always be one of those things that make me kinda question why, but whatever lmao XD Also I actually saw someone say something along the lines of "-core aesthetics are just another variant of e-kids. and I hate it" which honestly, isnt too far off tbh. And on top of that, I think its all sorta bad for subcultures.. Like scenecore kids becoming into being is cool and has helped bring scene kids into the somewhat light, but now people call scene kids "scenecore" and its so annoying XDD Like ofc not, we arent scenecore. And for subcultures like Punk and such, it can be really harmful to the movement that Punk is literally there for. Same for other subcultures, its just kinda,, idk,,, lots of pros and cons that go against each other. Not only, the scenecore community is a bit...idk, my experiences have been very toxic, so idk about yall.

ANYWAYS, feel free to respectfully comment your thoughts on it all! Again, be respectful (just in case, bc ik people can get upset when people speak their minds) hklollycutee purplemushyflamemonkey

Edit: thanks for all the nice responses! I think a lot of us can agree, yeah scenecore and emocore is cool and all, but when you get down to it, it really isnt scene or emo. Scenecore and emocore are like their own thing, I think they should just call it "glitchcore" like subcultures can share things! Scene and Glitchcore people can all like kandi and monsters, its not just to one or the other. (ofc the popularity of kandi and monster energy drinks were popular bc of scene kids) For me its just hard to see the subcultures im apart of get so watered down and kinda loosing their whole meaning! People can do what they want, and dress however they want. Just don't say you're apart of subculture you aren't participating in! Cause same with Punk, if you say you're Punk, there are gonna be people who call you a poser (for many reasons obviously!) Same with emo and scene and goth even! Anyways, again tahnks for all the respectful comments!beating heartlil rainbowtama

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Jun 13, 2021 7:38 am

Also I was also sharing my opinion as someone who has been alt for years.

Jun 13, 2021 7:10 am

Can you please explain to me what you consider glitchcore? You keep using that word and I'm not sure you understand what it means.

Jun 12, 2021 6:14 pm

@goomygoo: We arent trashing Tiktok alt people (I know quite a few of my friends who are "titkok alt" people)^^ Like I said, people can do whatever, this was just my opinion on it since Ive been scene since forever ago (which doesnt rlly matter anyways, since no matter how long someone has been in the subculture, we all have our views) and its just made me uncomfy in many ways. And even my alt oldest brother who is now 30, agrees that scenecore is too far off from what scene was. (and same with emo, except emo didnt drastically change over like 1 year.) Like the only similarities are kandi, monsters, quite a lot of color, and thats about all I can pick out. Scene was majority black and then aspects of color, like neon, but not eye strain entirely. I do believe scenecore is a watered down version of scene, its basically just some of the scene fashion in my opinion mixed with glitchcore. I think they should become their own subculture bc it just feels like they're stealing what was already established more than growing from that. Also!!! This post wasnt to tell people what to do or what is scene or isnt scene or etc. Just was an overall post about how I felt about scenecore and why, and what other people thought.

Jun 12, 2021 5:16 pm

@poisxnrationality: New emo would be confusing because there already is both midwestern emo and the more pop punk emo. New new emo? Third wave emo?

Jun 12, 2021 3:45 pm

honestly i dont mind these aesthetics, but i think emocore the aesthetic gets too confusing with emocore the music genre. i think we could just be calling them "emo", "new emo", etc.

Jun 12, 2021 3:34 pm

Ok I'm emo, I've been emo for years. I personally love emocore and scenecore and I think both it and classic emo and scene can exist. Let kids have fun and if they grow out of it that's cool too! You guys act a lot of the original emo movement didn't move on later in life (I was emo in middle school and I'm an adult now, obviously not all of my emo friends from age 13 are still in the subculture.) I don't really like people trashing tiktok alt people because they are still alt! They just came at a different time and are responses to different types of "preps" (scene kids/emos are responses to 2000s Juicy Couture wearing popular fashion, e-kids are responses to vsco girls and the general rise of a certain prep style on social media). As much as emo/scene kids don't want to admit it, these subcultures were also trends that most that were in aren't in anymore. Yes there are people who fake being alt on Tiktok, there are still many that _are_ alt and people are just elitists, like how some goth and punk people look down on emo and scene people.

Scenecore DOES feel like an evolution of scene to me. Eyestrain has always been in the subculture (have y'all forgotten sparkledogs?) and hyperpop is made to piss off music eltists like crunkcore was. Scenecore isn't watered down scene. It is the evolution of scene for the 2020 decade.

Jun 12, 2021 2:35 pm

@fangs: same thing happens to me all the time

Jun 12, 2021 2:29 pm

@Okuajub: Exactly

just to add on to what you said, Punk was more of a movement that it was supposed to be a subculture, i am seen as punk in my school due to my views and less of the way i dress ( i do dress "punk" sometimes) [sorry if that didnt make sense]. something else i wanted to tuch on is how new emo/scene core people are so against others who dont fit into the one box ("ur either emo or scene" concept) which is exactly waht these subcultures attempted not to do (fit in a box)

Jun 12, 2021 1:43 pm

@fangs: WTF!!! thats shitty of her jesus I hate people who are like that, they take something they made fun of (or still do) and dress like that bc its now super trendy,,, like??? Also scene kids are super rad > dont let anyone say otherwise.

Jun 11, 2021 10:37 pm

yeah there was this one girl who made fun of me in middle school for listening to mcr and dressing weird, I didn't even dress that weird or emo at the time, and like everyone listens to mcr, but anyway now that we are in high school she has her septum pierced and a set of domains and talks about how emo she is because she listens to green and mother mother. The worst part is she still makes fun of me some times and says scene kids are gross and weird.