Is this normal? (Regarding alters)

feferipeixes 6/7/2021 10:56 pm 252

So, I have had one alter before. They sort of fronted frequently while I was in a really bad spot mentally, almost as if they were a protector?
Now that I'm doing better, they barely front and have only fronted once in the past few months.

I don't think I have D.I.D, just one alter caused by depression.

Is this normal?

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Jun 11, 2021 10:07 pm

@homosexual: sorry for calling them an alter! i won't do it again. yes, i have psychosis, it's likely that caused this --

Jun 11, 2021 11:54 am

plurality/multiplicity can be caused by multiple things. as long as you're not claiming to have DID or OSDD without a diagnosis, (which you're not) you're alright.
like Homosexual said, alter is a medical term, and is the common word for DID/OSDD system's headmates. in my communities, it's a "use by choice" word, i.e. you can choose to use it for yourself, but you must ask others if you can use it for their headmates. Headmate or System mate is the non-medical term.
headmates can come and go, and no matter how often they front, someone's system is a valid experience. if you'd like to learn more about systems, I have a discord server which is very helpful?

Jun 11, 2021 11:07 am

(coming from a system host - please dont call the person / entity an alter unless you have did / osdd)

did / osdd is caused by severe childhood (typically ages 0-8) trauma, its usually repetitive or more than one traumatic thing happens but not always. alters form from did / osdd

ive seen your account b4 and ive seen you comment about having ¨DAs¨ so that means you have psychosis right?

from what i know, theres a form of psychosis can cause amnesia / make you disassociate to the point that you believe there are other people, like alters, inside of your head

Jun 8, 2021 10:19 am

its kind of frustrating how no matter how I word it in google nothing helpful will show up, but based on what I know (research and not experience) its very possible, I wouldn't say normal but its not improbable.

Jun 8, 2021 9:42 am

I'm not sure just cause i've never exprinced it but I reccomend bringing it up with a doctor or theripst if you haven't yet

Jun 8, 2021 8:40 am

i think... im not very smart ive had tics from adhd and ik thats not the same but liek maby do soem reserch ive had visul halisisnasions from stress so maby its something like that