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yourfav_ynd3r3 6/2/2021 11:36 am 136

i feel like there are butterflies in my stomach and vv fidgety and i can’t focus at all and i feel really really overwhelmed in spaces with large amounts of people. lately i’ve struggled with this in the past and idk if i have adhd or not i haven’t been diagnosed with it and i don’t want to self diagnose myself..so if anyone is like an expert in this stuff but if people can provide some reassurance that would be poggers :

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Jun 2, 2021 12:10 pm

that rly rly sucks! but it’s alright! most people have the same struggles you do, and i can relate to the getting overwhelmed in crowded spaces with a lot of people cuz it can be nerve racking

im not super great at giving advice but what i usually do in those kinda situations is just have a fidget toy or something with me everywhere and keep it in my pocket so i can always have it

and if you’re in a crowded spot and you have the ability to escape to a restroom or a quieter spot then just relax, take a few deep breathes, cuz it’ll all be ok! (even if it seems like the world is ending lol)

i hope this maybe possibly helped???? again, i’m not the best at advice/reassurance bavsgksk/