WOOOOOO !! comfort streamer time :D

flowers4beeduo 6/2/2021 08:13 am 228


tell me all about your comfort streams !! why are they your comfort streams? whats your fav thing about them? what do they stream? what about them makes you laugh/smile? whats music/anything else do you associate them with? whats your fav quote from them? if they have any, whats you favorite bit of lore from them? whats a cool fact about them? just tell me about them !!

my comfort streamers are Karl Jacobs, Quackity and Ranboo :D, theyre my comfort streamer bc of their humor/hyperness. my fav thing about Karl is def his like,,, energy??? like his chaotic energy he has 24/7, my fav thing about quackity is once again the chaotic energy, plus he speaks spanish which i find super pog,,, ranboo is just fucking funny man, plus he is the gender man so as a genderless male leaning thingy, i kinda gotta like him (/hj). they all play mc but sometimes they'll do some random game (ex: duck season, roblox). they all just sorta have that comforting touch to them, yknow? like you can tell that all the three of them want is for their viewers to be happy. i (ofc) think of ranboo when i listen to fallen down but Message Man by top is another one that reminds me of ranboo, turn back time/eleanor and park by girl in red reminds me of him, and beamin reminds me of quackity. my fav line from ranboo is probably that whole bag of spaghetti scene lol, my fav line from karl is "shut your mom !! your entire mom is shut ! oh my god, youre dogwater." and quackity is " Están drogadas, mentales, son mentales, " or something like that NFNJNFJENJ-- my fav bits of lore for ranboo was his connection to dream, my fav bit of karl lore was when he brought back dream from the v beginning of the server, and my fav bit of quackity lore was with technoblade and the eggpire !!

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Jun 2, 2021 10:57 am


Jun 2, 2021 10:45 am

WOOO COMFORT STREAMERS!!! Ranboo, Tommyinnit and Quackity are my favorite cause I kinda see myself in them :]

  • Mercury_Doop
Jun 2, 2021 8:33 am

My comfort streamer is Quackity. I love his fun streams because they always make me laugh, and he's really the only streamer who could do a chill stream and I'd be entertained enough to watch. He has a really funny persona but its fine when that breaks because then hes just a chill guy to listen to.

Jun 2, 2021 8:19 am

woo ^^ my comfort streamer(s) atm are Ranboo, Quackity and Wilbur! They're my comfort streamers bc,, idk how to explain it-they make me feel super happy and give me a space to feel relaxed and comfortable-- my favorite thing abt them is how relaxed they usually are? it helps me calm down, but also they're super funny and I like the way they talk; like their voices sound nice to me-(if that makes sense-)-- I rlly like Quackity bc we both speak spanish and when he interacts/speaks in spanish (especially speaking spanish to other DSMP members) its always rlly funny and nice to hear-- I like Ranboo bc as a male-leaning blob of space, the gender man makes me very happy-- and I like Wilbur because his streams are always fun and relaxing and his lore streams sometimes get intense and I get very invested in them fjfjfjkfd-- they make me feel so happy and safe,, <3/gen