Reminders about kinning

Chewerz 5/26/2021 06:15 pm 451

*People who spiritual kin, and people who kin for fun or comfort are both valid. So are people who do both!

*Spiritual kinning =/= delusional attachments. They are very different things

*NEVER tell someone who spiritually kins that they aren’t that character. It can be VERY damaging to the person’s mental health. They know that they aren’t currently or physically that character.

*Multiple people can kin the same character that you do. There isn’t just one “real” of that character!

*You can kin as many characters as you want, or as many as there can be possibl!

*For some people, kinning isn’t a choice. But for some it is! If you are curious if someone’s kins are a choice or not, ask them kindly and they will probably tell you!

*People almost always have a reason for not wanting doubles of that character to interact with them. For some people, it makes them uncomfortable. And for others, it might cause them to have a depersonalization or derealization episode, or dissociate. Don’t just assume that they are trying to be a jerk by not wanting doubles to interact with them.

If there is anything else I should add, let me know in the replies! You can let me know if I should word something differently, too!

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May 26, 2021 7:29 pm

I kin for fun, but I think it's totally cool if you spiritually kin. I can understand not wanting to interact with doubles.

May 26, 2021 7:08 pm

yes!! doubles make me slightly uncomfy for complicated reasons, and that should be respected!