Tell me about your hyperfixations/special interests!

goomygoo 5/15/2021 08:57 pm 135


Exactly what the title says, infodump to me about your hyperfixations and/or special interests.

My current hyperfixation is furbies and furby modification! I adore the love put into modded furbies even if they aren't long, I've seen some really pretty furbies that are just painted and with new eyes. I'm making a long furby! I'm waiting on the spine and some really pretty custom eyes to come in. I'm making her angelic and I got her little wings. kao happy

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May 19, 2021 10:24 pm

okay okay so I started reading an unoficial book based off of the HP series (bigest special intrest) and I will NOT put it down!! for my birthday I was even extra enough to copy the cake the book had mentioned in the first few chapters berifly o.o it made me so happy ahhhhhhh and as fixations go my mind and life are surounded w it almost always eee

May 16, 2021 11:04 am

If I have to be honest, my hyperfixations are Pinterest and a Regular Show ship of mine called Popker!! Because I can easily talk about the ship than Pinterest, I'll infodump about the ship! ^^

Popker is a ship between Pops (canon) and Parker (oc), and this is not the main series. This is an au where Pops actually manages to destroy Anti Pops and not sacrifice himself and goes back to earth, and he decides "maybe I should try and find someone to love.." Pops is the same except he lost his powers and is 34, while Parker is new to the park crew and is 32. Pops also starts trying to discover his sexual identity and, even later, his gender!!

Now, some info about Parker!! Parker is a transgender bisexual neurodivergent man with he/them pronouns, and is eventually Pops' boyfriend! He also has a history of depression and recently PTSD from his ex, and while I have depression and I know how to write experiences, I don't have PTSD so I research every time I include it in a fic of mine,,,,

May 16, 2021 12:26 am

the dream smp !! dude i could go on forever about the lore, espically Quackity and Wilbur's lore,,,